JEREMY JAMES Height: Weight: Hair: Eyes: 6’ 185 Light Brown Hazel FILM The Specialist Parenthood Featured Featured Warner Bros. Universal TELEVISION Adventures of Shelby Woo ESPN2’s Cold Pizza The Guiding Light Walt Disney World Christmas Special Principal Featured Featured Featured Nickelodeon ESPN2 ABC ABC COMMERCIAL Papa John’s Pizza Sea World Aquatica Kentucky Fried Chicken Caribbean Beach Resort Florida Yellow Pages (representative list) Principal Principal Featured Featured Featured Mane Prod. Busch Prod. Front Runner Prod. Disney Prod. Dubois Prod. THEATRE Toxic Audio Off-Broadway *DRAMA DESK AWARD WINNER Toxic Audio Las Vegas Forever Plaid Captain Goodness and the Injustice League Baby Beau Jest City Sounds Campfire Carolers Merry Merchants Is There Life After High School? Gifts of the Magi Iolanthe Up the Down Staircase star/writer/arranger John Houseman Theatre writer/director/arranger Frankie Captain Goodness Nick David Director/Co-arranger Director/Co-arranger Director/Co-arranger Ed Kendall Soapy Smith Monterarat Joe Ferone Planet Hollywood/V Theater Lakeland Civic Center SAK Theater JCC Playhouse JCC Playhouse Universal Studios, FL WDW Animal Kingdom, FL Sea World, FL Osceola Arts Players Osceola Arts Players Gainesville Playhouse Colonial Playhouse TRAINING *Voice and Drama -University of Florida *Soap Opera-Julie Madison *Improvisation-SAK Theatre *Stand-up Comedy-Vicky Roussman AWARDS Drama Desk for Unique Theatrical Experience Songwriter of the Year Entertainer of the Year-(Toxic Audio) Toxic Audio 2004 ACA Awards 2006 Cara Awards 2006

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