Like other investments, options have many investment experts.Why do so many experts make more money and lose less, but you always lose more when you trade? Jinxiangying option answers some mistakes that are easy to make in the trade and helps you reduce the loss in the trade. I. irregular platform Because the options market is huge, there are many different options platforms on the market, but not every platform is formal and reliable.How to judge whether a platform is formal? How to select a formal and reliable option platform? Jinxiangying thinks that it can be judged by whether the platform is strictly supervised by the CSRC.And irregular platform often have card single, market data is not accurate, can not be out of the gold situation, if you encounter these problems, you should be alert may be hit black platform.Of course, if you really don't know how to judge, you can also contact Jin Xiangying, who will carefully select for you. II. Capital investment In fact, the investment threshold of option trading is relatively low, and the price of a contract varies, so it can be selected according to its own actual situation.For example, a cheap option contract only needs a cup of coffee money to participate in the option market, but because the price of the option contract is low, many investors can't help buying multiple options contracts.In fact, it is easy to lead to too much one-time investment. It is suggested that you can make small and multiple transactions for jinxiangying option, because the risk of large transactions is much higher. 3. Take it as you see fit Because of its own leverage, options are very suitable for small and large investments, which only need to invest dozens or hundreds of funds to gain hundreds of times of income.However, it is inevitable that many investors become greedy and want to make more profits driven by interests.Jinxiangying thinks that if there is a temporary profit, in order to protect the current income, it's better to close as soon as possible, because the options market fluctuates greatly, once the market reverses, it may lose all profits. IV. disorderly Trading Because of the low transaction cost of options, many investors believe that as long as they invest small funds and leverage mechanism, they can get higher returns, so they are all random transactions without plans.In this way, it is difficult to make profits. In order to make profits, Jin Xiangying believes that he must make a suitable trading plan before each transaction. The trading plan needs to analyze the market trend, determine the contract he wants to buy, determine the contract expiration date and other details to be well planned.It's hard to make money by trading at random. The above is the main reason for the loss of money in the options trade fair sorted out by jinxiangying options. You should remember to drive carefully for ten thousand years, and never rush to make random trades. You must wait for the right trading opportunity to appear, and then draw up a trading plan before entering the market.

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