University College Of Technology Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Second Semester Course Code Course Title 510211 Discrete Mathematics 3.0 510213 Digital System Design 3.0 510215 Linear Algebra 3.0 510217 Statistics and Probability 3.0 510219 History of the Emergence of Independent Bangladesh 3.0 510212 Digital System Lab 1.5 Total Credits in 2nd Semester Credit Hours 16.5 Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) First Year (2nd Semester) University College of Technology For Brighter Future... Detailed Syllabus Course Code: 510211 3 Credits Course Title: Discrete Mathematics Set Theory, Relations, Functions, Graph Theory, Planer Graph and Trees, Direct graphs and Binary Trees, Algebraic Systems, Ordered sets and lattices, Propositional Calculus, Boolean Algebra, Lattices, group theory, cyclic groups, permutation groups, symmetry groups, quotient, homomorphism, Basic structure theory, Prepositional and Predicate logic, Mathematical reasoning and program techniques. Theories with induction. Counting and countability. Graph and trees. Morphisms, Algebraic structures. Reference Books: 1. Discrete Mathematics And Its Applications, Kenneth H. Rosen 2. Theory and Problems of Discrete Mathematics, Schaum’s Outlines, Lipschutz S., Lipson M., TATA McGraw-Hill. 3. O. Nicodemi, Discrete Mathematics CBS, 1989 4. J. C. Molluzzo and F.Buckley( Waveland Press, reprinted 1997) ISBN 0-88339407 Good luck Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) First Year (2nd Semester) Detailed Syllabus University College of Technology For Brighter Future... Course Code: 510213 3 Credits Course Title: Digital System Design 1. Introduction: Introductory concepts, Logic gates and Boolean algebra. 2. Combinatorial Logic: Combinational Circuits design using logic gates, universal gates. Minimization of switching functions, algebraic simplification, the Karnaugh map, Prime Implement. 3. Introduction to VHDL and CAD tools: hardware description and simulation. 4. Sequential Logic: NAND and NOR latches. Clocked SR. JK D and T flip-flops. FF timing consideration. Master-slave FF. 5. Complex Sequential logic: Frequency division and counting troubleshooting. Asynchronous ripple up and down counters, counters with any MOD numbers asynchronous IC counters, propagation delay. Parallel up down and up/down counters. Presentable counters. The 74193 counter. Decoding a counter. Cascading counters. Shift registers, IC shift, digital clock, troubleshooting case studies. MSI logic circuits: BCD-to-Decimal decoders, BCD-to-7 segment decoder/drivers. Encoders. 6. Multiplexer and De multiplexer: Multiplexer and their applications, De multiplexers, Troubleshooting case studies, Analog-to-Digital conversion, digital-ramp, successive approximation, flash ADC, Digital-to-Analog conversion: circuits, specifications, Sample and hold circuits, Analog multiplexers, Data acquisition, digital voltmeter. 7. Memory Devices: Semiconductor memory technologies ROM architecture timing and type of ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, ROM applications. RAM architecture static and dynamic RAM, DRAM structure operation and refreshing. Expanding word size and capacity. Magnetic bubble and CCD memories trouble shooting case studies. Introduction to sequential circuits, formal representation of sequential circuits. 8. Arithmetic circuits: The half-adder full adder. Parallel adders, 2’s complement addition and troubleshooting case studies. Reference Books: 1. Digital Systems: Principals and Applications, Ronald J. Tocci, Neal S. Wildmer. 2. Hand Book of Modern Digital Electronics, G. Moazzam and M. ShorifUddin. 3. Modern Digital Electronics, R P Jain. 4. An Engineering Approach to Digital Design, William I. Fletcher. Good luck Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) First Year (2nd Semester) Detailed Syllabus Course Code: 510220 3 Credits Course Title: Digital System Lab University College of Technology For Brighter Future... Objectives: Minimize and Implementation of Boolean Functions Using Logic Gates, Design Half Adder and Full Adder, Design Half Subtract or and Full Sub tractor, Verify the Truth Table of S-R, T, D Flip-Flop, Verify the Truth Table of J-K, Prepare Different Type Shift Resister and Check Its Operation, Design Synchronous Counter, Design Asynchronous Counter, Design Ripple Counter, Design Johnson and Ring counter, Verify the Operation of Encoder and Decoder, Verify the Operation of Multiplexer, DeMultiplexer, Verify the Operation of D/A and A/D Converter. Good luck

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