How to prevent babys flatulence Baby flatulence, make baby uncomfortable, feel uncomfortable, then what are the ways to prevent baby flatulence?The specific methods are as follows: 1. feeding on time Don't wait for the baby to cry for a long time before feeding, as long as the baby has the expression of hunger to feed, or because crying for a long time and sucking in a lot of air will cause flatulence; also because of being too hungry, when eating the milk will be very urgent, very hard, will also suck in too much air. In addition, parents don't want to drink milk or pacify the baby as soon as they see the baby crying, which may lead to the baby's more distended stomach.Sometimes the baby's crying, just hope parents hug him more to accompany him. 2. pat baby's back after feeding After feeding, pat the baby's back gently to promote burping and exhaust, reducing the possibility of baby's flatulence. 3Pay attention to the proper size of the nipple We should pay attention to the hole of the nipple not to be too large, the inclination of the bottle body not to be too large, and do not let the baby drink milk too fast and too fast, so as to reduce the air entering the nipple and entering the body when the baby drinks milk. 4, eat less indigestible food Breastfeeding mothers should avoid foods that make their babies flatulent, such as beans, corn, sweet potatoes, cauliflower and spicy food.The baby who has started to eat complementary food should eat less food that is not easy to digest and flatulence.

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