Food for hair loss control 1Food containing trace elements of copper and iron Copper and iron in microelements play an important role in hair nourishing.The lack of copper and iron will cause the hair to become light and yellow. 2Food with vitamins Hair loss and dandruff are common symptoms of vitamin A deficiency.There are more vitamin A in carrot, spinach, lettuce leaf, almond, walnut kernel, mango and other fruits and vegetables, but also in animal liver, fish, shrimp and egg food; vitamin B can promote the metabolism of scalp, which generally exists in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains; the normal secretion of oil by sebaceous glands depends on the survival.At the same time, vitamin C can activate the microvascular wall, so that the hair roots can smoothly absorb nutrients in the blood. 3Food with protein Daily intake of protein, is the promoter of hair.Excellent proteins include fish, meat, eggs, bean products, milk, etc.These protein rich foods, digested and absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, can form various amino acids. After entering the blood, they are absorbed by the hair papilla at the root of the hair, and then they synthesize keratin. After keratinization, they are our hair.This process fully shows that protein is the basis of hair.

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