November 3, 2021 Good morning, Warriors! Today is Wednesday, November 3, an odd bell schedule today and even bell schedule tomorrow. Sports Tennis Seniors Natalie Tran and Ella Trinh won their matches yesterday and will be competing today in the BVALS doubles tournament and are one more step away from reaching CCS. Wish them luck! Winter Sports Are you interested in trying out for a Winter sport? We have a variety of sports that you can tryout for this season. If you are interested in girls basketball, tryouts are right after school at 3:45 in the gym. If you are interested in boys basketball, tryouts are in the gym starting at 5:15. Wrestling tryouts begin this week right after school in the mat room, the room right next to the weight room. We also have boys and girls soccer tryouts this week right after school on the track. Hope to see a lot of you out there! GO WARRIORS! Clubs and Organizations Class of 2024 Hey, sophomore girls! Do YOU want to participate in this year's Powderpuff competition? Powderpuff is a class competition where girls from all classes battle it out in matches of FLAG FOOTBALL! No prior experience is needed and girls are selected on a first come first serve basis! If you are interested, check out the link in our Instagram bio @ybhs2024 or go to our sign-up form, Come out and don't be shy! Photo Club Hey Photoclubbers! Photo Club will be holding a general meeting in Mr. Lo's classroom, room 358 during lunch. So come if you are interested in photography. Whether you are experienced or not we would love to have you! Math and Computer Science Club Hey Math and CS! There will be a meeting today during lunch in Mr Kremzar's class in room 256. Come over with your friends to learn more about our officer applications and upcoming plans! ARK What is up ARKers! Remember to stop by room 716 during lunch tomorrow (October 4th) for our 4th meeting! We will be discussing club updates, future events and more. So don’t be shy, come say hi! Junior Exchange Junior Exchange Club is hosting our 4th club meeting this Friday during lunch in room 708. Stop by to hear about our upcoming community service events, such as neighborhood clean up, turkey trot, and turkey baskets! we will also be revealing the new member of the month so stop by room 708 this Friday during lunch. Activities Water Polo Appreciation We can’t forget about our water sports! Thank you Water Polo team for representing us Warriors! We couldn’t be more happy that you guys are showing off your warrior pride in the pool! Thank you for the seniors, Alexandra Garcia and Evan Tran. Thank you for Coach K and Coach Love for coaching this wonderful team! Canned Food Drive YB will be hosting our annual canned food drive from November 8th to November 19th. We will be raising Canned food to provide to families in need during the holiday season. For clubs, you will be able to earn points! At the end of the canned food drive, the club with the most points will earn a Costco food party. All classes and clubs are welcome and encouraged to sign up at Warriors Got Talent Are you interested in competing in Warriors Got Talent?!? This is your chance to showcase your talent. The sign up form is posted on the YBHS instagram linktree and the event page on facebook. The form will be closed on Saturday night at 11:59 pm! Come to the ASB room (room 206) for more information. PRIDE Hey Warriors--do you have PRIDE? PRIDE represents our five Schoolwide Learner Outcomes and stands for Problem solvers, Resourceful collaborators, Innovative thinkers, Dedicated global citizens, and Effective communicators. These qualities are what you should have when you leave YB to go to college or start your career. Starting next week, we will have daily advice on simple steps you can take so you don’t hide your Warrior PRIDE!

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