Common treatment errors of tubal infertility Blind medical treatment, delay the opportunity of treatment Medicine is a science. In the diagnosis and treatment of tubal infertility, we should abide by scientific laws, classify it, make clear diagnosis, and then treat it.In the process of treatment, we can detect all kinds of changes in the body, get accurate data, and use the treatment method which has been repeatedly proved effective in clinical practice. Only in this way can we say that we can abide by the scientific treatment method. Experimental treatment for uncertain diagnosis At present, some hospitals and clinics with poor conditions are still using salpingostomy when they are unable to determine the location of salpingostomy and the severity of salpingostomy. It is not only useless for the treatment of salpingostomy, but also easy to induce new infections, which makes the impassable salpingostomy worse.。 previously Credulity advertising Many infertile patients are eager to seek medical treatment, and they are easy to follow the advertisement. Some non-standard clinics describe the diseases that cannot be solved in medicine as relatively tempting patients to have hopeless treatment, making patients spend a lot of money in vain.And "absolute infertility" (azoospermia, congenital absence of uterus, tuberculous pelvic inflammation, premature ovarian failure) was diagnosed as "relative infertility". Blind medication for tubal obstruction Patients with tubal obstruction who have not found the obvious cause are all treated with anti- inflammatory drugs or drugs that can promote blood circulation and remove stasis. It is like a person who has a sore in a certain part of the body at a certain period and leaves a scar after the sore is cured. But it is meaningless to treat this scar by the method of treating the sore at this period. To confuse tubal obstruction with anovulation The fallopian tube and ovary are adjacent organs. They perform their respective duties, have connections and essential differences. They must not be confused.

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