PARLIAMENT OF UGANDA Thursday, 6 May 2021 Parliament met at 11.34 a.m. in Parliament House, Kampala PRAYERS (The Speaker, Ms Rebecca Kadaga, in the Chair.) COMMUNICATION FROM THE CHAIR THE SPEAKER: Honourable members, I welcome you to this morning sitting. I do apologise for the late start. We were touching base on matters relating to our work as we conclude this Parliament. So, we will try to catch up as usual. Let us go to Item 3. I think we shall not have matters of national importance because there will be no time to respond to them. We are really closing. We shall look at them next time. MINISTERIAL STATEMENT ON THE STATUS OF PROPERTY BELONGING TO THE LATE FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA, HIS EXCELLENCY FIELD MARSHAL IDI AMIN DADA AT PLOT 10, PRINCE CHARLES DRIVE KOLOLO AND BUILDINGS IN KAWEMPE THE SPEAKER: Is the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development here? The minister is not here. We will reflect it on tomorrow’s Order Paper. MOTION THAT THE HOUSE RESOLVES ITSELF INTO A COMMITTEE OF SUPPLY FOR CONSIDERATION AND APPROVAL OF THE REVISED EXPENDITURE ESTIMATES FOR THE FISCAL YEAR 2019/2020 AND THE BUDGETARY PROPOSALS FOR THE ESTIMATES OF REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE FOR THE FISCAL YEAR 2021/2022 THE SPEAKER: The minister of finance is not here. Is the Chairperson of the Committee on Human Rights here? Are you ready with any of your businesses? 11.38 MS AGNES TAAKA (NRM, Woman Representative, Bugiri): Madam Chairperson, in three minutes, I can be ready. 11.38 THE CHAIRPERSON, COMMITTEE ON PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE (Mr Robert Kafeero): Madam Speaker, with your indulgence, my minister and I are ready to proceed with Item 7. THE SPEAKER: I want to give opportunity to that standing committee. They have not reported on any of their issues yet. Disclaimer: The electronic version of the Official Report of the proceedings of Parliament (Hansard) is for information purposes only. A certified version of this Report can be obtained from the Office of the Clerk to Parliament. 1 MR SSEWUNGU: Thank you, Madam Speaker. I see Item 4 concerns one of the most committed ministers, hon. David Bahati. He normally comes here for loans and appropriation at the Committee of Supply. I think he might be having a problem. Wouldn’t it be procedurally okay that the minister around finds out what could have gone wrong with him since he is not here in time? Otherwise, THE SPEAKER: They are consulting somewhere. MR SSEWUNGU: Otherwise, I was wondering – THE SPEAKER: They are within the building. However, we need to do some work in the meantime. MS TAAKA: Madam Speaker, let me pick the report. THE SPEAKER: We shall give you time. Where is the chairperson of – Let us have of the report of the Committee on Public Accounts (Central Government). MOTION FOR ADOPTION OF THE REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC ACCOUNTS (CENTRAL GOVERNMENT) ON THE REPORT OF THE AUDITOR-GENERAL ON THE HEALTH SECTOR FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2018 11.43 THE CHAIRPERSON, COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC ACCOUNTS (CENTRAL GOVERNMENT) (Mr Nathan Nandala-Mafabi): Thank you, Madam Speaker. I seek your indulgence. We have all the reports from financial years 2016 to 2017, 2017 to 2018, 2018 to 2019 and 2019 to 2020. I seek your indulgence that all of them are laid at once so that we make a general summary for everything in 30 minutes. THE SPEAKER: You can lay them all at once. MR NANDALA-MAFABI: Thank you, Madam Speaker. I want to lay the report of the Committee on Public Accounts (Central Government) for Financial Year 2017/2018 of the entities which were not completed in the Education Sector, the Health Sector, the Justice, Law and Order Sector (JLOS) and the Public Service sector. Madam Speaker, I would also like to lay the report of the public sector, JLOS, Uganda Missions, Public Universities, Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Health for Financial Year 2017/2018. I would also like to lay the reports of the Public Accounts Committee for the financial years 2018/2019 and 2019/2020. I would like to lay all the attachments for this period for Financial Year 2017/2018, including our summarised minutes for financial years 2016/2017 to 2019/2020. Madam Speaker, given the volume of the work, I have brought the CD and the flash disk of all the recordings on those reports of 2016/2017 to 2019/2020 and I would like to lay them on the Table. Having laid all those on the Table, I would like to make quick summaries because all the issues we are talking about are crosscutting

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