Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) and Information Sharing Policy Guidance for Councils December 2021 RELATED LEGISLATION, POLICIES, FRAMEWORKS AND GUIDELINES Name Location MARAM and Information Sharing Resources Webpage MARAM Framework (2018) Direct link to Framework FVISS Ministerial Guidelines (April 2021) Direct link to Guidelines CISS Ministerial Guidelines (2018) ISE List Who Can Share Child Safe Standards 2018 Reportable Conduct Scheme Best Start Initiative 2019 Best Interests Framework 2007 Direct link to Guidelines Webpage Webpage Webpage Webpage Webpage Direct link to Framework Webpage MARAM & Information Sharing Policy Guidance for Councils.v2.0 - Municipal Association of Victoria - Dec 2021 2 MARAM AND INFORMATION SHARING POLICY GUIDANCE FOR COUNCILS The following policy guidance for councils relates to the Victoria Government MARAM and Information Sharing reforms in effect from 27 September, 2018; the Family Violence Multi Agency and Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) framework, the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS) and the Child information Sharing Scheme (CISS). The MARAM establishes a systems framework and tools for a collaborative systems response in early identification and intervention of family violence. The FVISS compliments the MARAM and existing information sharing legislation allowing further opportunities to share family violence risk relevant sharing concerning family violence, The CISS compliments the MARAM and FVISS in enabling sharing information for child safety when experiencing family violence, but also goes further in allowing to information share to promote child wellbeing. The three reforms in combination establish a consistent and collaborative state-wide service response to keep family violence victim survivors safe, to hold perpetrators accountable and in view and promote a child’s safety and wellbeing. This document draws directly from the MARAM Framework and the FVISS and CISS Ministerial Guidelines, and is intended as a supplementing guide to assist councils in understanding their roles and responsibilities to comply with the legislative requirements. The MARAM and Information Sharing Policy Guidance aims to assist with:  Define prescribed service roles and responsibilities for council employees at the Screening and Identification level under MARAM.  Articulate a council policy that supports prescribed council services operating under MARAM, and that guides all procedures and practice to effectively identify, assess and manage family violence risk.  Protect all victims and third parties while keeping perpetrators in view and accountable for their actions and behaviours.  Ensure the broad range of experiences across the spectrum of risk are represented, including for Aboriginal communities, diverse communities, children, young people and older people, across identities, and family and relationships types.  Support effective risk assessment and management of family violence utilising MARAM and the FVISS  Define Information Sharing roles within prescribed services for council utilising the FVISS for family violence information sharing  Support prescribed council services utilising the CISS to promote child wellbeing and safety This document can be utilised as a supplementary support (but not as a replacement) to the most recent editions of the legally binding FVISS and CISS Ministerial Guidelines. Further MARAM and Information Sharing resources are available online. MARAM & Information Sharing Policy Guidance for Councils.v2.0 - Municipal Association of Victoria - Dec 2021 3 Contents Terms of Reference 7 1. PURPOSE 11 2. SCOPE 12 3. MULTI-AGENCY RISK ASSESSMENT & MANAGEMENT (MARAM) FRAMEWORK 12 3.1 - MARAM Pillars 1 - 4 Pillar 1 - A shared understanding of family violence Pillar 2 - Consistent and collaborative practice Pillar 3 - Responsibilities for risk assessment and management Pillar 4 - Systems, outcomes and continuous improvement 3.2 - MARAM legislative principles 3.3 - MARAM Responsibilities 13 13 13 13 13 13 14 3.4 - Screening and Identification - Responsibilities 1,2, 5,6, 9,10 3.7 - MARAM intersectionality lens 3.8 - Assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through Information Sharing 3.9 - Assisting people of CALD backgrounds through Information Sharing 14 15 16 16 17 4.1 - Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS) 4.2.1 - Family Violence Protection Act 2008

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