Faculty Senate Minutes Special Session February 22, 2022 Via Microsoft Teams, 3:00-5:00 pm Present: Russ Bailey, Armen Ilikchyan, Ashley Nadeau, Brandon Ro, Ben Moulton, Chris Witt, David Frame, Dianne McAdams-Jones, Doug Czajka, Dustin Shipp, Elijah Nielson, Emmy Bell, Eric Russell, Evelyn Porter, Gareth Fry, Greg Jackson, Hilary Hungerford, Jim Pettersson, Jim Price, Jon Anderson, John Jarvis, Jonathan Allred, Joshua Hilst, Joy Cole, Justin Schellenberg, Karen Sturtevant, Kathleen Young, Kathren Brown, Kevin Smith, Kyle Kamaiopili, Lauren Brooks, Leo Schlosnagle, Lisa Hall, Lyn Bennett, Maureen Andrade, Melissa Heath, Bob Walsh, Michael Hollister, Mike Smidt, Natalie Monson, Sandie Waters, Scott Lewis, Shane Draper, Tammy Parker, Waseem Sheikh, Wendy Athens, Wioleta Fedeczko, Young Ham, Michaela Giesenkirchen Sawyer, Christopher Goslin, Laura Ricaldi, Bryan Sansom, Gareth Fry, Jim Sutton, Nicole Gearing, Excused or Absent: Guests: President Astrid Tuminez Call to order by President Hilary Hungerford– 3:00 p.m. Approval of Minutes – Minutes approved for 2/8/22 (3:01 pm) PROVOST        President Tuminez: Thank you to outgoing deans as well as welcome to incoming deans. The search is ongoing for replacements. Slides regarding ongoing challenges in higher education. Only 50% of respondents to a survey regarding the economy indicated that they could meet their needs. Fewer people going to college, results from surveys of employers about hiring people who have run a marathon versus completed a degree. After the pandemic began, nationwide we lost 1.2 million students. Enrollment trends show declines in most demographics. UVU has an enrollment of 41,000 students, including high school concurrent enrollments intentionally. With 67% retention, we can always do more to retain continuing students. We are now at parity for gender representation, males and females. By ethnicity, we have gains in multiracial and Black students, some drop in terms of White students. Enrollment is critical to our present and future. Regarding growth funding, Utah’s system of higher education has determined a formula for gaining this growth funding and this year was the first year UVU has not received it. We have recently completed the Keller building. We are currently fundraising for the Scott M. Smith college of engineering and Technology, including a $25 million donation from Scott and Karen Smith. Our first cohort of the masters of physician assistant studies has completed. We received 600 applications for the first 30 spots. We are growing Nursing by 30%. Programs in healthcare administration and social science are partnering with the community. We received a large grant for what we are doing in deep/emerging technologies. One for data security and one for renewable energy development. Civic engagement initiative also received funding. We welcome our new Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer (CIDO), and a new Program Director of DEI. They will report to me. In terms of faculty representation, we are the second worst (public) university on full-time faculty by gender. We need support at every phase, recruiting, onboarding, etc. to hire and retain. The Campus Climate Survey has gone out and it is important to get a baseline about how people are feeling at UVU. We can then benchmark with other institutions and track our progress. Slides about support for students. All of this helps students get to 45% completion by 2025 (our goal).              With underrepresented populations, we have had a great impact in reaching Latino students. We would love to get to 25% students, and our completion rate for this demographic is already very good. What should we expect from the funding and investment we put into inclusion-related resources? This is the question we will continue to ask. Regarding compensation, salaries and wages have been impacted by inflation. We will have to raise tuition again, depending on what we ask for and get from legislative allocated funding. Attrition is something I am raising with the council. Specific amounts for funding requests were listed. RTP is in full swing, we have moved to digitization. Thank you for this, there were only a few that were not digitized. We need to address continuous improvement and ownership UVU’s first Black faculty member to attain full professorship, congratulations to Dr. Dianne McAdams-Jones. https://youtu.be/Dts3kB9a4AY (link to celebrate Dianne on 2/28) Read our Wol

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