Class teacher reminds: ten children nine lazy in summer vacation! - Smart parents teach like this, 100 times better than makeup classes! Summer vacation has come, many parents began to arrange rich summer vacation plans for their children, hoping to help their children relax, cultivate morality and learn knowledge in summer vacation.Today, Xiaobian brings you "four learning + 7 don't in summer vacation", which is 11 points in total, to help parents better help their children spend a meaningful summer vacation. 4A society  "Learn to live":Children are required to live a regular day and follow the rules when and what to do as in kindergarten.It is suggested that the children in the middle and large classes should make a small winter vacation plan under the guidance of adults, for example, the children in the large class should learn to watch clocks and know time, cultivate themselves to be masters of time and life since childhood.  "Learn to do things":That is, to do their own things, such as small class children learn to wear their own clothes, buckle, socks, middle and large class children learn to fold quilts, organize clothes, clean tableware, wash socks, etc., and encourage children to help parents and the elderly to do something within their capabilities.  "Learn to interact":That is to say, let children learn to be polite, communicate with others and show their talents and works freely in contact with adults or peers and guests, so that children can feel the fun of communication with others.  "Learn to learn":The children are encouraged to learn more living knowledge through contact with nature and society. 7"Don't" - these bad habits can't connive children!! During the summer vacation, leaving the regular kindergarten or school environment, most of the caregivers are grandparents, grandparents or nannies, who are easy to spoil their children and indulge their children.In a short holiday time, there will be some bad habits, which really makes parents headache.It's better to take precautions now than to wait for the boss to correct after the holiday. 01Sleep late It's not a big problem to sleep in occasionally, but if you sleep in every day and don't get up until noon, it's a problem.Originally, the winter days were short, sleeping in for more than half, only to get up for a few hours and it would be dark again.The most basic daily routine is disordered, with meals, games and study...Everything is in disorder. What's worse, when the summer vacation is over, we need to return to the regular routine of early to bed and early to rise. Because the original biological clock has been disrupted, it needs a period of time to readjust. How frustrating.The reason why sleeping in late is listed first in the bad habits of winter vacation is that it shows the biggest root of the bad habits of winter vacation: anomie is no rules. Countermeasures: It can not be completely in accordance with the usual rules, a little looser, and occasionally do something that can not be done at ordinary times, but this does not mean that there are no rules in summer vacation, but there should be "rules in summer vacation".For example, the important thing about sleeping late is not to get up at a certain time, but to get up at a relatively fixed time every day, rather than letting him sleep whenever he wants. 02eat snacks between meals For children, eating and sleeping are the biggest problems.During the holidays, all kinds of snacks are available at home. Especially during the Spring Festival, parents are relaxed about this.If you eat more snacks, the most obvious problem is that it's not good to eat dinner. Some parents will be angry at this time, and the table will become a "battlefield".In addition, experts have pointed out that a large amount of food during a period of time may affect brain function.It is said that eating too much will increase the burden on the brain to control digestion, absorption and other functional nerves, so that the adjacent nerves controlling language, memory, thinking and other intellectual activities are in a state of inhibition, and it is difficult to have interest in new things and new knowledge.In addition, if you eat too much, the heat energy will turn into fat and accumulate in the brain tissue, which will lead to the poor development of neural network, and also reduce the level of intelligence. Countermeasures: It's the same as sleeping late. Of cou

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