Stubborn constipation should be corrected Guide: constipation is not a small problem. It's best to correct it before pregnancy. Constipation looks like a small thing, but it's actually painful.Constipation will lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body of pregnant women, and lead to poor mood, appetite is also greatly affected, which is very harmful to the health of pregnant women, will affect pregnancy. Habitual constipation should be corrected Defecate frequency reduces obviously, every two or three days or longer time, irregular, fecal quality is dry hard, often accompany defecate difficulty feeling, this is constipation. Many problem, women but if think they constipation are still is a constipated small after pregnancy (pregnancy can aggravate the original constipation), there will be a lot of harm. Even to pregnancy, will feel abdominal distension discomfort in the early pregnancy, increased abdominal pressure when defecating easy to cause uterine contraction, serious can lead to abortion. Constipation in late pregnancy can lead to premature birth.If the squatting time is too long when defecating, the change of pregnant mother's position may lead to the change of blood pressure, such as postural hypotension and syncope. Therefore, pregnant women with habitual constipation should be corrected before pregnancy. Pregnant women should follow the advice of doctors, adjust in many ways, and try to get pregnant after correcting the constipation. Combination of multiple conditioning methods 1. Multi exercise and frequent massage Take a 30 minute walk every day.Do abdominal breathing first in the morning, then massage, and then abdominal breathing at night. When massaging, rub your hands together and then fold them. Use your palms to rotate clockwise around the abdomen centered on your navel for at least 30 circles. 2. Eat more fruits and vegetables Most people's constipation is caused by bad living habits and abnormal intestinal peristalsis. There is no organic disease in the gut itself. Adjusting bad habits is the fundamental way to solve constipation, such as not staying up late, eating more fruits and vegetables. 3. Drink more, drink right You can get up every morning and drink a large glass of warm water. 4. Choose seaweed, potato and other foods rich in dietary fiber Seaweed, potato and other foods rich in watersoluble dietary fiber can not only relieve constipation, but also discharge the cholesterol in the intestine.

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