SECOND PART: APPLICATION FORM IN WORD FORMAT Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment Appointment to be made by the Human Rights Council at its 50th session APPLICATION DEADLINE: 6 APRIL 2022 AT 12 NOON GENEVA TIME  The application process consists of two compulsory parts: (1) online survey1 ( and (2) application form in Word format2 (to be downloaded from  Once fully completed, in English or French only, the Word application form should be submitted by email to [email protected]  A maximum of up to three optional reference letters may be attached to the email (in Word or PDF format).  No additional documents (e.g. CVs, resumes or additional reference letters) will be accepted.  Applicants will receive an acknowledgment email when both parts of the application process, i.e. the data submitted through the online survey and the Word application form, have been received by the Secretariat.  Applications will only be considered if both parts and all sections of the Word application form have been completed and received by the Secretariat before the expiration of the deadline. No incomplete or late applications will be accepted.  Eligible for Working Group mandates are only nationals of the States belonging to the regional groups for which specific vacancies have been advertised.  General description of the selection process and answers to frequently asked questions are available at and  In case of technical difficulties or problems with accessing or completing the forms, you may contact the Secretariat by email ([email protected]) or fax (+41 22 917 9008). 1. Family (last) name: Carlsson I. PERSONAL DATA 5. Year of birth: 1968 2. First (given) name: Lise-Lotte 6. Place of birth: Finland 3. Other name, if any: Irene 7. Nationality (please indicate the nationality that will appear on the public list of candidates): Finish 1 The short online survey is used to collect information for statistical purposes such as personal data (i.e. name, gender, nationality), contact details, mandate applying for and, if appropriate, nominating entity. The same name, gender and nationality must be used both in the online survey and in the Word application form. 2 The application form in Word format includes a motivation letter of maximum 600 words (section III of the form). The application form should be completed in English or French only, the two working languages of the United Nations Secretariat. The application form will be used as received to prepare the public list of eligible candidates who applied for the vacancy. The application forms of eligible candidates will also be posted as received on the OHCHR public web page for the selection process. 1|Page SECOND PART: APPLICATION FORM IN WORD FORMAT Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment Appointment to be made by the Human Rights Council at its 50th session 4. Gender: Female 8. Any other nationality: No II. MANDATE-SPECIFIC COMPETENCE / QUALIFICATIONS / KNOWLEDGE NOTE: Please describe why the candidate’s competence / qualifications / knowledge is relevant in relation to the specific mandate: 1. QUALIFICATIONS (200 words limit) Relevant educational qualifications or equivalent professional experience in the field of human rights; good communication skills (i.e. orally and in writing) in one of the six official languages of the United Nations (i.e. Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish.) Holding a degree in psychiatric physiotherapy, working on a Master of social and healthcare with a strong professional interest in human rights. Met thousands of survivors of torture from all over the world and written over 500 reports about their physical and psychological torture. Lecturer at the Åbo Akademi UNI. As a Senior Advisor and International Investigator and other expert roles, have a strong understanding of torture and its sequels. Completed the Istanbul Protocol manual education -How to use the manual for effective Investigation and documentation of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading treatment or Punishment and educate others now. Besides academic

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