Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) < Framework Agreement: supply of Hygiene and Cleaning kits for Ukraine> <ITB-PR-9100304> <Warsaw, 25.03.2022> Our reference: <PR-9100304> SUBJECT: INVITATION TO TENDER FOR <Framework Agreement: supply of Hygiene and Cleaning kits for Ukraine > Dear Mr/Ms Following your enquiry regarding the publication of the above-mentioned invitation to tender, please find enclosed the following documents, which constitute the tender dossier. Any request for clarification must be received by NRC in writing 5 working days before the deadline for submission of tenders, by 29.03.2022 COB. NRC will reply to bidders' questions 3 working days before the deadline for submission of tenders, by 01.04.2022 COB. The depersonalized Q&A document with possible clarifications will be uploaded to the tender page of the website before the set deadline. Costs incurred by the bidder in preparing and submitting the tender proposals will not be reimbursed. We look forward to receiving your tender at the address specified in the Instructions to Bidders before <06.04.2022 18:00 (GMT+1)>, as stated in the procurement notice. If you decide not to submit a tender, we would be grateful if you could inform us in writing, stating the reasons for your decision. Yours sincerely, <NRC Logistics Department> This ITB document contains the following:  This cover Letter  Section 2: Bid Data sheet  Section 3: NRC Invitation to bid general terms & condition  Section 4: Technical description of the Bid  Section 5: Bidding form  Section 6: Pricing Proposal  Section 7: Company Profile and Previous Experience  Section 8: Additional Information on Specifications of Goods  Section 9: Suppliers Ethical Standards Declaration Sections highlighted in green must be completed by the bidder. 1 SECTION 2 BID DATA SHEET 1. BACKGROUND DATA Contract Name: < Framework Agreement: supply of Hygiene and Cleaning kits for Ukraine > Contract Number: <TBD> This bid is issued by Norwegian Refugee Council Ukraine, Poland Hub. Any correspondence and clarification inquiries (except the bid itself) can be addressed to the following address: [email protected] with e-mail subject: PR-9100304 Hygiene and Cleaning kits CORRESPONDENCE AND CLARIFICATIONS ARE ADDRESSED VIA [email protected] ELECTRONIC BID SUBMISSION ONLY VIA [email protected] 2. SCOPE OF SUPPLY The Contracts eligible for bidding are: Description of the supply contract Framework Agreement: supply of Hygiene and Cleaning kits for Ukraine 3. SCHEDULE & DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION The deadline for submission of bids is <18:00> on the <06.04.2022>. Late bids will not be accepted. Invitation to Bid release Deadline for request for any clarifications from NRC Last date on which clarifications are issued by NRC Deadline for submission of tenders (receiving date, not sending date) Tender opening session by NRC DATE TIME* 25.03.2022 29.03.2022 01.04.2022 06.04.2022 08.04.2022 15.04.2022 20.04.2022 16:00 GMT+1 18:00 GMT+1 18:00 GMT+1 18:00 GMT+1 14:00 GMT+1 Notification of award to the successful tenderer Signature of the contract * All times are in the local time of Warsaw, Poland Please note all dates are provisional dates and NRC reserves the right to modify this schedule. 4. 18:00 GMT+1 18:00 GMT+1 MANNER OF SUBMISSION: Please submit your bids in accordance with the requirements detailed below: Electronic mail bid submission - please send your bids before the set deadline: To: [email protected] ONLY. Please DO NOT COPY ANY OTHER NRC e-mail address. Subject: PR-9100304 Hygiene and Cleaning kits E-mails with a different subject line (or without a subject line) may not be considered. 2 The proposal must be submitted in the set non-editable format: - scans of all pages of the proposal, either in separate .jpg files, OR - separate/single .pdf files containing scanned pages, OR - electronically signed PDF document with signature and seal (when applicable). Submission of all or part of the proposal in a freely editable format (Word, TXT, etc.) is NOT ALLOWED. Proposals received by NRC by other means, sent by ordinary mail, delivered by courier, sent to another email address will not be considered. 5. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA Award of the contract(s) will be based on the following: Step 1: Administrative compliance check Bidders must provide evidence of the following for their bid to be considered compliant: 1. Sections 5-9 completed, signed and stamped 2. Bidder has included a copy of

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