English Newsletter No. 1035 4/1/2022 Kibbutz Yizre'el Translated and edited by Fay Drezner Excerpts from “B’Yizre’el” No. 2035 31/12/2021 MAZAL TOV  To Nitzan and Rotem Kamilian on the birth of their son, Tor, brother to Reaf, grandson to Liora and Shlomo, great grandson to Rachel and Roger Baruch and Moshe Kamilian.  To Nur Seker on the birth of a son. Good health and happiness from the Food Branch and Kibbutz Yizre’el. MANY THANKS To Smadar Israeli Agmon who has joined the newsletter staff and helps with the proof-reading.  To the 38 people who donated blood. See you in 6 months’ time.  To all those who helped with the stocktaking of the KolBo  BEST WISHES  To Inbal Pezaro who is to head the Para-Olympic team in the Winter Olympics.  To Tal Levi who has been accepted for klitah. Tal, Noam Freiman’s partner, has been living on the kibbutz for a few months and works as a vet treating horses. His contact person is Ilan Sadur. CONDOLENCES TO MIKE KENT AND FAMILY ON THE PASSING OF HIS WIFE HANA KENT Hana and Mike were members of Yizre’el in the 70s and Hana worked for a few years with preschool children. SUMMARY OF THE YEAR’S ACTIVITIES OF THE MAZKIRUT 2021 Yifat Assaf has given a very detailed list of the subjects dealt with during the year 2021. The kibbutz is going through a process of reorganization which should lead to a more efficient structure suited to the needs of today and the future. We end the year with five new functionaries to run the kibbutz. We can say that the management of the kibbutz is steady and professional. Yifat also took the opportunity to thank the team that she works with for their support, for their differences of opinion and for their consensus, for their dedication and for taking responsibility, and for the knowledge that if there is a fall, there is also a group to pick up. All this, is to her gain and that of the kibbutz. GENERAL MEETING 28/12/2021 1. Irit Mor has been nominated to become a member of the Small Enterprises Committee. Vicki Hollander has been nominated to become a member of the Nominations Committee. Both nominees have been accepted. 2. A Building for the Arts in the area of Bernie’s studio. Bernie and Yaniv Shapiro presented the project and requested approval of 100 thousand shekel to plan the project - the money coming from the Public Building Fund. The project itself is not cheap. It is estimated at about 7 million shekel for which sponsors will be sought. 3. Sports and Leisure-Time Center near the rugby field. Idan Zelas presented the project. A sports center run by Yizre’el will be a business and a community project. The Rugby Association, Maytronics and heads of sporting activities will pay for subscriptions as private customers. The center will be open every day of the week throughout the year. The project should cost about 9.6 million shekel and should make a yearly profit of about 220 thousand shekel. At the moment approval is being sought to go ahead with the planning. A discussion was held about both projects and a vote was taken. Approval was given for the initial planning for both projects. The Art Project: 84 for / 25 against / 2 abstained. The Sports Center: 87 for / 21 against / 3 abstained FROM THE NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE The committee is looking for 2 public representatives for the Seniors “Eshkol” Council. You can apply to any one of the Nominations Committee. TAMAR SENKER is offering Chinese acupuncture, herbal treatment, reflexology and different touch techniques at her clinic. In addition she has been treating adults and youth using NLP methods for emotional complaints and EMID that allows release from trauma and anxiety. Tamar can be reached through the doctor or privately. From January there will be a slight increase in the price of treatment. “ESHKOL VATIKIM” The “Eshkol Vatikim” at this stage will be functioning through the following teams: 1. Seniors’Committee : will continue its social activities and be responsible for trips, monthly meetings, birthdays and additional social events. Members of the Seniors Committee: Philippa Segal, Aksel Levin, Lotem Cohen, Shlomit Fink, Zohar Assaf, Yoni Brauman and Danit Dovdivani-Kirshberg 2. A Professional Team: A discreet team which deals with private matters. Members of the team: Inbal Adler, Liran Penn, Sigal Perling. Rinat Chikorel and Meirav Navot. The team has begun working and meets once a fortnight on Thursdays. The first subjects the team discussed are connected to caregivers, connections

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