UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED OFFICIAL 29 April 2022 ROYAL AIR FORCE OFFICER TRAINING ACADEMY (OTA) ROYAL AIR FORCE COLLEGE (RAFC) CRANWELL FAMILIARISATION VISIT (FV) JOINING INSTRUCTIONS (JIs) Introduction Sponsor: FS MSM CD No: 109 Approver: DCoS V 2.02 Page 1 of 4 UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED OFFICIAL 29 April 2022 1. Following successful completion of OASC, you have been selected to attend a oneday Familiarisation Visit (FV) at the Royal Air Force College (RAFC) Cranwell. Specific course instructions can be found in the Annexes at the end of this document. Purpose 2. The purpose of the FV is to provide you with an awareness into the facilities at the College and to gain an insight into the content of the course. In addition, you will meet prospective members of your Directing Staff (DS), be measured for uniform items and issued with footwear. You will also take the RAF Fitness Test (RAFFT), which is a mandatory element of the selection process. Further details are at Para 11. COVID–19 3. If you begin to display any of the signs and symptoms in relation to COVID-19, you are not to attend the FV. You are to liaise with Recruitment & Selection to determine another suitable date. 4. Due to restrictions on an individual’s ability to participate in strenuous activity following COVID-19 vaccination (Defence policy) personnel are not to join a familiarisation visit within 72 hours of having received a vaccine. Where it is not possible to rearrange a vaccine outside of this time individuals should contact Recruitment & Selection to determine an alternative date for attendance. Arrivals 4. All candidates are to arrive at the Main Guard Room (MGR) no later than 1700 on their arrival day. All candidates are to have carried out a LFD test prior to travel and be able to produce proof of negative result. You may be required to produce this proof before you are permitted entry to the accommodation and dining areas in Candidates Mess. a. On arrival, you are to report to the MGR with photographic identification (Passport or Driving Licence), this will allow you to receive an ID card and car pass, if you travelled by car. Travel 5. RAFC Cranwell is in Lincolnshire, off the A17 between Sleaford and Newark. The postcode for satellite navigation and route-planners is NG34 8HB. A map of the local area and RAFC Cranwell can be found at Annexes A and B respectively. a. Car. If travelling by car, you are to report to the MGR. Please ensure you park your car to the rear of the MGR. Details at Annex B. b. Rail. If travelling by rail, you should arrive at Grantham Railway Station between 1400 and 1600. A shuttle bus will be arranged for onward travel to RAFC Cranwell, a timetable can be found at Annex C. All Ferry, Air and Rail travel will be arranged via the OASC. Refund of motor mileage costs are authorised, and Sponsor: FS MSM CD No: 109 Approver: DCoS V 2.02 Page 2 of 4 UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED OFFICIAL 29 April 2022 candidates should retain any receipts confirming travel. Accommodation 6. On arrival, the MGR will provide you with accommodation details, key and directions to your respective block. You are required to vacate your room once you have showered and changed from the fitness test, if you require to stay an additional night you are to vacate your room no later than 0740. a. If an additional night accommodation is required, you are to annotate on your preferences form. Luggage can be stored in a safe area if required. For security purposes, you are to ensure that luggage/baggage is clearly labelled with your name and a contact number. Dress Code 7. Smart civilian attire is to be worn throughout the visit (shirt, tie and jacket and equivalent for females). In addition, you will require sports kit and water bottle for the RAFFT. Females are advised that suitable footwear (Flat Shoes) for walking is required. Programme 8. You will be instructed on the report location and timing in the welcome letter, where you will be met by a member of DS. An example of a typical FV programme can be found at Annex D for information. The welcome letter will be in your pack-up which will be issued at the main Guardroom on arrival. Commitment Bonus Entitlements 9. Applicable to serving personnel only: a. Navy personnel. Candidates eligible for a commitment bonus will need to have this actioned by their current parent admin office, prior to commencing their course. b. RAF/Army personnel. Candidates eligible to a commitment bonus have until

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