The Parish Of Machaire Rois st Joseph’s Carrickmacross St Michael’s Corduff St John’s Raferagh Fr Shane Mc Caughey PP 042-9664367 ; Fr Kevin Connolly CC 042-9661231, Parish Secretary: Yvonne Mc Bennett Parish Office 042-9661231 : Office opening hours : 10am- 12.30pm Monday- Friday . Email Website: Webcam – Live streaming: This can be viewed by our own webpage or Should you have any difficulty accessing the live streaming please contact via email directly to St Vincent De Paul : St. Vincent De Paul Contacts- Local Helpline (087) 917 1371 Sunday 19th September 2021 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time “Peter – A Saint for our times” St Peter is my favourite saint. I admire him for his ability to get some things right to the amazement of his companions, and at other times to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and fall flat on his face. Peter is the man who walked on water towards Jesus, until he lost his nerve and started to sink! Today in the Gospel he is at it again. He is the only one of the followers of Jesus who gets the big question right and publicly recognises Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God. But then when Jesus points out that this Messiah must suffer and die – Peter intervenes – “this must not happen” – and Jesus has to rebuke him. Peter wanted Jesus to be powerful, in control, respectable, successful, but Jesus wanted him to realise that God’s love was about a total unconditional forgiveness, which is beyond Peter’s, and our, understanding. Sometimes in life we do many great things and do them well and are best pleased with ourselves. Then we get a bit arrogant and we want God to conform to our wishes. Its then we get the reminder from Jesus – we are the followers, He is the master. The Parish Of Machaire Rois For the times have failed we ask forgiveness. Peter is a saint for our times. Fr Shane 2022 Diaries: Dear Parishioner, The Diaries for 2022 are now available, and Anniversary Masses for 2022 can now be booked in person at the Parish office, or via telephone (we do ask not to leave a voice message but speak with Yvonne or Chantel directly). We ask that Masses for the first quarter of 2022, are booked gradually over the coming months, and Anniversary Masses thereafter, are booked throughout the coming New Year. This will assist with the volume of enquiries that the Parish office will be receiving, and will also allow Parishioners the opportunity to book masses for this present year (2021) Confessions The schedule for confessions will be as follows : Thursday Morning ( after Mass ) prior to First Friday & Saturday Mornings ( after Mass ) in St Joseph's Church . Biodiversity Art Competition To celebrate the addition of our new Sensory Garden and Outdoor Biodiversity classroom on the grounds of St Louis Secondary School we are asking all 3rd,4th,5th and 6th class primary school students to take part in our Biodiversity Art Competition. All information can be found on the schools Facebook page or email for more information. All entries must arrive to the school via post by the 12 th of October. BIODIVERSITY ART COMPETITION, St. Louis Secondary School, Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan. A81HF78 Resilience’s Social Care division are opening a progressive residential service in Carrickmacross. Supporting individuals with physical and sensory needs to live independent lives in the community. As part of this we are creating 20 new jobs locally. Be part of a team that empowers potential and unlocks possibilities. Resilience are recruiting for a full-time Service Manager/CNM2, full time, parttime and relief Nurses and Support Workers. Send your CV to or visit Enhancing the Quality of People’s Lives. Carrick Cancer 5KM Family Walk / Run around Carrick on Sunday 5th Sept starts at the Shirley Arms at 11am. All welcome. Any queries please contact Committee Members - Pat McNally 0874130727 , Frank McDonald 0864079284, Pauric, Ruth 0879328689 Lakeland Lockdown Reflections ( by Deacon Martin Donnelly) A copy of the above book is now available to purchase from the Parish office Online Donations ( idonate ) The Parish Of Machaire Rois Dear Parishioner , Firstly we sincerely thank you for your continued financial support to our Parish. We are continuously looking at w

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