Name: Aaron Chia (in Chinese) 贾东 (in Pinyin) Jia Dong Profile: (150+ positive reviews) Languages: native in Simplified Chinese/Mandarin and familiar with Traditional Chinese, near-native English proficiency Experience: 3,600+ tasks, 10+ million words, 11 years CAT Tools: Trados, memoQ, Memsource, Wordfast, Wordbee, SmartCAT, Xbench, Déjà Vu, XTM, etc. File Formats: Office, PDF, JPG, MP4, rtf, srt, Adobe, CAD, InDesign, etc. Working Time: (GMT) 21:00 ~ 15:00 almost every day, and available as long as tasks are not in conflict Daily Output: 3~4.5 K English words or 4.5~7 K Chinese characters Rate: (USD 25 ~ 36 per hour.) USD 0.06 ~ 0.10 per English word or USD 0.04 ~ 0.065 per Chinese character for translation, depending on the domain, the format and the turnaround; 60~100% of the translation rate for editing/proofreading, as the translation quality is unknown, or worse than machine translation. Reformatting time will be considered in my quote. E-mail/PayPal/Skrill/Veem: OR Skype: protranstar Phone/WeChat: 86-189 1861 3623 Bank Information: See the invoice Educational Background and Work Experience University/Company Role Duration Henan University Undergraduate student majoring in biotechnology Zhejiang Fangzheng Valve Group Full-time in-house translator in the machinery industry Shanghai International Studies University Postgraduate student majoring in translation Full-time freelance language service provider Domain Sept. 2005 ~ June 2009 Mar. 2009 ~ Aug. 2011 Sept. 2011 ~ June 2014 July 2014 ~ Present Remarks Won scholarships, read finance books and became interested in translation. Translated drawings, manuals, brochures, contracts, bidding documents, etc. Won scholarships and translation prizes, and worked as a part-time freelancer. Improved CAT skills. Client satisfaction and return client: Nearly 100%. Word Count Typical Clients Contracts/Laws & Rules/Tenders & Bids/Lawsuits/Prospectus/IPR/ESOP 4.0 million Lexiscn, Cisco, R&P Lawyers, Supreme Court, Starbucks, European Patent Office, Tencent, Heri Auto, ICBC Finance: Banking/Insurance/Economics/Securities/Accounting/Taxation 3.0 million China UnionPay, Bank of China, Zurich Insurance, BGC Partners, Haitong Securities, Huatai PB, Sinosure Marketing/Website/Management/PR/HR/Education/Politics/Organizations 1.0 million Interfax, PRI, Bertelsmann, Kamax, COFCO, Tongji University, Mustela, Aston Martin, Meritco, AD Ports Medicine/Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/Biology/Chemistry, including papers 1.0 million Shijingshan Hospital, Ministry of Health, BASF, Johnson & Johnson, INCA, ACON Labs, Pfizer, Janssen Patent/Brochure/Automotive/Engineering/Manufacturing/Electronics/ICT 0.5 million FAW-Volkswagen, Fangzheng Valve, Aggreko, BaoSteel, Taiwan Railway, Kramer, Cisco, Shanghai Electric Tourism/Fashion/Hotel/Cosmetics/Certificate/Application/Resume/Gaming 0.4 million Central Park Hotel, Artistry, Mary Kay, GUCCI, EMK, Mount Tai, job hunters,, Laoshan Others: Copywriting/Transcreation/Transcription/Voiceover/Subtitling 0.1 million SHAW Group, Asian Tales, BAIC, Disney, Shanghai TV, Textiles India, CQ University, MQ Club, Lootah Prizes/Certificates Related to Language Services Advanced-level English-Chinese Interpretation Certificate Third Prize in the 23th Han Suyin Youth Translation Contest Translator (Level II, pass rate: about 10%) Certificate issued issued by Shanghai Interpretation Examination Committee (ranking 8th out of over 710 contestants) organized by the by the International Publishing Group and the Ministry of in 2011. The skills are very useful for transcription tasks. Translators Association of China (TAC) in 2011. Human Resources and Social Security in 2012. A ccreditation Test for Translators (Level I, China’s top translation test) organized by the International Publishing Group and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Excellent Translation Prize in Lin Yutang Literature First Prize in Henan Translation Contest organized by Henan Translation Award (ranking 7th) organized by Lin Yutang Translators' Association in 2012. (Translation from Chinese House in 2012. (Translation from English into Chinese) into English) Test" (实务) was the only test and included editing. Second Prize (ranking 6th out of 322 contestants) in the 4th Outstanding Graduate Award conferred by Shan

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