Classroom Closure Letter Template [DATE] Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, Staff, and Faculty, This letter is to inform you that [NAME OF SCHOOL OR CHILD CARE] has met the criteria to suspend all in‐person learning and activity for everyone from the following affected classroom(s) for [NUMBER] days for students, staff, and faculty: [LIST OF AFFECTED CLASSROOM(S)]. This guidance is based on existing research, public health recommendations, current policies, and input from the impacted facility. This is the best option to reduce transmission of COVID-19 and keep everyone safe, which is our top priority. This temporary classroom closure starts [MM/DD/YYYY] and continues through [MM/DD/YYYY] for all children/students and staff/faculty from the affected classroom(s). This includes a suspension of all other in‐person participation in school, child care, sports, extracurricular activities, before and after school programs, work, etc., for everyone from the affected classroom(s). Individuals who worked or had classes in the affected classrooms between [MM/DD/YYYY] and [MM/DD/YYYY] should stay home and avoid all activities outside the home except to seek medical attention if needed. The estimated return to in‐person activity for these individuals is [MM/DD/YYYY]. Exemptions: If you are up to date on all recommended vaccine doses as of [FIRST DATE OF POSSIBLE EXPOSURE] or had COVID-19 in the past three months (tested positive in the past 90 days with a viral COVID‐19 test) and recovered, you do not need to quarantine from activities outside the home unless you develop symptoms. You should, however, get tested for COVID-19 infection 3-5 days after [LAST DATE OF POSSIBLE EXPOSURE] and wear your mask until you receive a negative viral test result or until [10 DAYS AFTER LAST POSSIBLE EXPOSURE] if you do not get tested. Persons who tested positive for COVID-19 in the past three months and recovered should be tested using an antigen test. Keep watching for symptoms for 10 days. If symptoms develop, isolate at home, call your health care provider for evaluation, and get tested. [INSERT ANY TESTING RECOMMENDATION DETERMINED WITH LOCAL HEALTH JURISDICTION] We encourage you to watch for all symptoms of COVID‐19, including any of the following: • Headache • Fever (defined as subjective or • Muscle or body aches 100.4°F or higher) • Sore throat • Cough • Congestion or runny nose • Loss of sense of taste and/or smell • Nausea or vomiting • Shortness of breath • Diarrhea • Fatigue If you/your child develop(s) any of the above symptoms, you/your child and all household members not up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations should stay home, contact a provider for medical evaluation and testing, and notify childcare/school/work/etc. Find additional COVID‐19 information at [LHJ COVID‐19 WEBSITE]. If you have any questions, please contact [NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION FOR SCHOOL/PROGRAM POINT OF CONTACT] Thank you, [NAME OF PERSON SIGNING LETTER]

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