Standard Document for National Competition Selection of Consulting Firms With resources from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration July 2021 Standard Document for National Public Competition Code: FO-CP-07-05 Page. 1 Version: 1 1 PÚBLICO: UNA VEZ APROBADO Introducción (This instruction sheet should not be part of the Competition Document, as should the red-marked texts, which are intended solely to guide the Contracting Party on the text that should appear instead.) Based on the update of the Regulation for the application of the Procedures for the Procurement of Goods, Works, Non-Consulting and Consulting Services with Resources of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration of July 2021, available on the website:, it has updated this document containing the standard guidelines for the preparation of the National Public Competition Documents for the selection and contracting of consulting firms with CABEI resources. This document should be used in national public competition described in the Policy Implementation Rules. The competition document (CD) is divided into six sections: I. II. III. IV. V. Instructions to Consultants (ITC), Competition Data (CD), Evaluation Criteria, Competition Forms Terms of Reference VI. General Conditions of the Contract (GCC) and Particular Conditions of the Contract (PCC) and Contract forms The information contained in the ITC and GCC are the only ones in the six sections that are not subject to change, the Request for Proposals Letter, CD, Evaluation Criteria, Competition Forms, Terms of Reference, and PCC must be included for each process, the specific conditions and requirements of the process and the forms that apply to the case. For section III, Evaluation Criteria, the contracting party must define and establish in detail the aspects and criteria that will be evaluated, as well as qualifications to be granted so that the consultants may know how the proposals will be evaluated and how the most convenient one will be selected. These criteria must be developed using the "Guide for the elaboration of Criteria for the Evaluation of Technical Proposals" and in accordance with the expectations of the consultancy detailed in the terms of reference with the aim of selecting the appropriate consulting firm to carry out the studies. Section IV Competition Forms contains the formats for the presentation of information that allow to review and analyze the methodology and the proposed work plan, the curriculum vitae of the proposed professional personnel and the form for the financial proposal. Only the forms that specifically apply to the process will be included in this section. The Contracting Party shall prepare the Competition Document and agree with CABEI on any adjustments that are appropriate for the operation and the procurement process to be carried out. This document is made public through the Bank's website and before preparing a Competition Document, the user must be aware of CABEI's Policy and Procurement rules that are in force. Standard Document for National Public Competition Code: FO-CP-07-05 Page. 2 Version: 1 2 PÚBLICO: UNA VEZ APROBADO The text that appears in red and italics refer to information or data of the process that must be adapted to each case or instructions to the Contracting Party that must be eliminated. Competition Document Summary Introduction Letter of Request for Proposals This section includes a model Request for Proposals (RFP) letter that the Contracting Party must send to the consulting firms included in the short list to invite them to submit a proposal for a consultancy work. Included in the letter is the list of all companies included in the short list, the reference to the selection method, and the indication that the process will be governed by CABEI's procurement policy. Section I. Instructions to Consultants (ITC) This section provides information to assist the consultants in the preparation of their proposals. The provisions of Section I should be used without modification. Section II. Competition Data (CD) This section contains provisions that are specific to each selection process and contains information specific to each selection process and corresponds to the ITC that require such specific data, that is, they complement Section I, Instructions to Consultants. Section III. Evaluation Criteria This section details the criteria used to determine the most convenient proposal, including, among o

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