Causes of low fruit set rate of apple trees and Solutions What are the causes of low fruit set rate? 1. single planting varieties, lack of pollination varieties Apple is a cross pollinated crop, with low self pollination rate, while Jingning apple cultivar is relatively single. Due to its excellent quality, high price and ideal operating efficiency, Jingning Red Fuji cultivar has an absolute advantage in production. According to the survey, Red Fuji accounts for more than 98% of the total cultivated amount. The shortage of pollinated varieties leads to poor pollination in the flowering period, resulting in flower and fruit abscission.Phenomenon, resulting in low fruit set rate. 2. weather impact during flowering In recent years, the late frost damage and sandstorm, dry hot wind and other extreme weather occurred frequently in Jingning apple blossom period, which resulted in flower organ damage; sandstorm led to the decrease of flower organ mucus and the difficulty of pollen dispersal; the occurrence of dry hot wind is prone to the phenomenon of burnt flowers, which is not conducive to apple fruit setting. 3. Improper management measures In the production, the lack of fertilizer and water results in excessive results, which leads to more nutrient consumption, insufficient supply, poor quality of flower buds and low knot strength. 4. Fruit setting rate is related to the strength of trees The flower bud quality of the strong tree is good, and the cold resistance, frost resistance and stress resistance are strong, and the fruit setting rate is relatively high; the weak tree, especially the large one, has more pitiful flowers and false flowers, and most of the trees are invalid flowers. In this case, the fruit setting rate will not be high. How to improve or avoid? Strengthen the comprehensive management of orchard Early application of basal fertilizer, thinning branches in autumn and other measures can increase the nutrient accumulation of the tree body, prepare enough nutrients for flowering and fruit setting in the next year, maintain the healthy and stable growth of the tree body, and improve the nutritional level of the tree body.Increase the application of organic fertilizer, pay attention to the top dressing outside the root during the growing season, according to the soil moisture and the growth of fruit trees, reasonable irrigation, moisture conservation and grass control.This is the fundamental measure to improve the fruit setting rate. Reasonable allocation of pollinating trees In apple and other cross pollinated plants, most of the varieties have poor white flowers or low seed setting rate, so it is necessary to have different varieties of pollen pollination to complete the seed setting process.Pollination trees and main varieties should not exceed 30 meters. When establishing a garden, it is necessary to select a suitable combination of varieties and allocate more than two pollination varieties, accounting for about 20% of the total planted trees, so as to ensure a high fruit setting rate. Artificial pollination Artificial pollination is the most reliable method in flowering stage.It has been proved that artificial pollination can effectively improve the fruit setting rate even under the condition of pollinated trees.Therefore, it should be popularized in production.In addition, it can also put bees in the flowering period. A box of Chinese bees can pollinate 5-10 mu of apples.In recent years, in some fruit areas, horned frontwall wasps were introduced and released at the flowering stage. The pollination effect is very good. 50-100 wasps per mu of orchard can meet the pollination needs. Early thinning and central flower keeping From the flower bud separation stage, the flower should be thinned before the flower opens, so as to save nutrients and supply young fruit development.The central flower has high fruit setting rate and can be fully utilized. Circumcision and girdling in Florescence From the beginning of flowering to the end of flowering, girdling or circumcision of branches and trunks can significantly improve the fruit setting rate, and the earlier the effect is, the better. Fruit platform branch heart picking To control nutrient consumption and prevent the shoot from competing for the nutrient of young fruit.In particular, it is more necessary for the varieties with flourishing fruit tip, such as Xiushui, Zhuguang, wojin, etc. Prevention of disastrous weather Flowering stage and you

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