Responding to a HAIER alarm situation SOP: 2 Version 1 Effective Date: 15th October 2021 Version number and date: 15th October 2021 (V1) Review Date: October 2022 Author: Ash Sameja Title: Laboratory Manager Approved by: Penny Lympany Date: 15 /10/2021 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Responding to an alarm situation Table of Contents Page 1. Purpose 1 2. Definitions/Equipment 1 3. Scope 2 4. Process 2 5. Reference 6 6. Contacts 5 1. Purpose 1.1Jenner Wing has several cold storage units requiring regular temperature monitoring. Along with the Rees Scientific system (SOP 1), the Haier System is used to monitor some of these units. This second SOP provides instructions for responding to an alarm. 1.2Applicable to -80C, -40C, -20C freezers, fridges, Liquid Nitrogen vessels and Cold Rooms fitted with Haier monitoring temperature probes. Staff will be responsible for their own equipment and will need to respond to any alarm situation. 1 2. Definitions / Equipment 2.1.Haier monitoring system Real time is a wireless monitoring system from Haier Biomedical and is used to monitor temperatures of cold storage equipment such as fridges, cold room, -80C freezers & Liquid Nitrogen tanks within Jenner Wing. The system monitors the temperature 24/7 365 days a year and sends alarm notification by phone calls, text messages and email. The added feature of the system is that it allows users to access and interact in real-time with the main control system for their own storage vessels via an external web access. External access is only possible by authenticated staff on the system and requires a user name and password. Please contact Administrators responsible for the Haier monitoring System. Head of Laboratory Services - Penny Lympany ([email protected]) Laboratory Manager - Ash Sameja ([email protected]) . Once authorized, the user can access the system using any browser from PC, tablet or Smartphone by typing the following in URL . A login screen will then appear. 3. Scope This SOP covers the process for responding to an alarm triggered by the Haier monitoring system and applies to staff who are on the Haier system telephone and email list. The individual department may also have their own local action policy which they will need to follow on a call out. The alarm alert is designed to prevent adverse situations and loss of precious stored research samples. 4. Process 4.1.Alarm Situations 4.1.1. Each device will have parameters of upper and lower temperature set and if the limits are crossed, an alarm is triggered. If the alarms are activated, the System’s auto dialler will initiate sending calls and text messages to ALL the programmed numbers to say that an alarm has been raised. 4.1.2. At the same time as the phone calls and text alerts, an email will be sent to the recipients giving details of the alarm situation. Phone – If unanswered, check your Voicemail. 2 SMS Text – From Realtime online – Haier – St Georges University Email with Time stamp, Sensor Input, low and a high temperature limit. The email will be from Invisible-systems - [email protected] See example below. PLEASE NOTE : Please record your actions and any remedial work regarding this notification by logging into your realtime-online web portal. No further warnings will be generated for the above sensor(s) for another 24 hours. 4.2.Viewing probe data. 4.2.1. Open any browser. Type in URL – Log in with your Full Username and password. 4.2.1 Once logged in you will see the alarm state of the freezer in flashing red. 3 4.3.To cancel and acknowledge the alarm 4.3.1. Double-click on Date. You will see details of the alarm To acknowledge the alarm (turns green status from red) and record the actions undertaken, use the “Edit” button. This information entered will be used for audit purposes. 4.3.2. If you think the problem is a false alarm you can reset and enable. 4 4.3.3. If the situation requires inspection of the cold storage devices or probes, please contact your ‘on call’ partner to agree the required response – e.g. site visit 4.3.4. If you are arriving out of hours, please inform St. George’s University security on ext. 0909, giving your name and contact numbers so that they know you are on site. Upon arrival check the device. 4.4.Checklist 4.4.1. Check for power (section 4.5) 4.4.2. Check the appliance. If the door has been left ope

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