Parish Announcement: Social Concerns Joint Parish Committee is working with other parishes in the Diocese in collecting needed items to send to Chalice of Mercy for the Ukraine people. We are focusing on the Humanitarian president of Chalice of Mercy mission to Ukraine, resides in Fairchild and is looking for our help. This is truly a Lenten offering of Mercy. The list of items needed will be on the parish website and in the bulletin next week. There will also be a list on the Diocese of La Crosse website. We have placed a copy of the list on the table by the elevator entrance / Back of the Church for you to look at before leaving church today. It is categorized by Baby & Toddler, Women, Men, Food, Over the Counter Medications and Miscellaneous items. Some items on the list include: Diapers, baby food, blankets, travel size shampoo and toothpaste, socks, gloves, batteries, energy bars, antibiotics, just to name a few. Please consider donating to the Chalice of Mercy. There will be a collection basket in back of church for donations. Members of Social Concerns will be delivering the donated items to Chippewa Falls collection site on the morning of Friday March 18. Please have donations to the church by Thursday March 17.

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