v2 04.10.2021 THE BEERS From opening on Wednesday evening around 600 beers should be available to choose from, if they are ready. Then around 200 further beers will go on sale later in the festival once there is room on the stillages. This is to ensure that there is still a good selection of beers available throughout the festival. The beers on sale from the start are numbered to help you spot them on the bar. The reserve beers are marked “RES”, apologies if these appear in a slightly random order, as they have to be fitted onto the stillage as space permits. Beers marked “vegan” are not fined with isinglass and are therefore suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Gluten Free beers are marked “Gluten Free” Breweries marked “LocAle” are situated within 20 miles of the festival. Beers marked “SIBA” are entries In the annual SIBA Midlands beer competition which is being judged at our festival. KeyKeg. Once again, this year we are offering a selection of beers served from a KeyKeg. These are beers sold from a plastic container inside which is a bag where the beer is stored. The beer is served by applying air pressure to the outside of the bag, which squeezes it and forces the beer to the tap. KeyKeg beers are clearly marked “KeyKeg” in this programme. There is a dedicated KeyKeg Bar under the Bridgford Road stand and some brewery bars will also offer some KeyKeg beers. Unfortunately, KeyKegs are non-returnable and many end up in general non-recycled waste. However, we have ensured that all KeyKegs used at this festival will be returned to the manufacturer to be recycled. MAIN MARQUEE NANO BAR 3P's Woodville, Leicestershire LocAle 501 CAGED UP 5.1% vegan Brown ale 504 TUB THUMPER 5.3% vegan Amber ale with a Belgian & Verdant yeast blend ~ FIREROCK Sutton in Ashfield, Nottingham LocAle 502 BACK TO CALI 4.2% vegan American Pale loaded with Citra & Chinook hops RES RUSTY CAGE 5.5% vegan US style copper ale, toffee, oak & caramel notes 503 TREETOP RACER 4.9% vegan Juicy kveik IPA full of fruit & citrus flavours ~ GOOD STUFF Nottingham LocAle 505 MUNICH SPECIAL 6.0% vegan Chestnut strong bitter. Caramel & toffee flavours v2 04.10.2021 ~ NANO COLLECTIVE (hosted by Bang the Elephant) Langley Mill, Derbyshire LocAle 506 SHAZBOT NANO NANO 5.7% Extra Special Dark Bitter, hints of chocolate & toffee ~ Q BREWERY Queniborough, Leicestershire LocAle 507 Q HOP 4.2% Light coloured refreshing ale, with a citrus aroma 508 THE LEGEND OF Q 7.0% Dark, strong mysterious with a hint of chocolate ~ RBA Oakwood, Derby LocAle 509 FREEWAY MADNESS 3.9% Session IPA with Lemondrop and Citra hops RES NUTZ 4.8% Hazelnut milk stout. Full of chocolate flavour 510 RETURN OF THE HOP MONSTER 4.8% New England IPA with Amarillo and Citra hops ~ RECKLESS DWEEB Bilsthorpe, Nottingham LocAle 511 NEED INPUT 7.3% Bonfire toffee and vanilla stout 512 THE WORST THING ABOUT PRISON IS THE DEMENTORS! 5.2% American pale ale with plenty of sabro hops ~ URBAN CHICKEN Ilkeston, Derbyshire LocAle RES BOOM SNAKE 6.6% Oatmeal milk stout with a black cherry flavour 513 CHICK WEED REVENGE 5.5% Murky Pale witha dash of mango essence 514 FREESTYLE THEORY 8.0% vegan Strong brown English hopped ale ~ VAGUELY Bingham, Nottingham LocAle 515 GREEN HOP 5.3% Fresh hop IPA using undried Cascade hops ~ BAR “A” 4T's Warrington, Cheshire 1 BIG BRO 5.0% vegan American pale ale 2 BUSMAN'S CLASSIC BLONDE 4.1% Classic blonde ale RES CHOCOLATE & FUDGE STOUT DETECTIVES 5.0% vegan Moreish stout with a chocolate fudge aroma 3 HOPMONSTER #21 - EKUANOT 3.8% Single hopped pale with Ekuanot 4 SQUIRRELS HEAVEN 4.8% vegan v2 04.10.2021 Nutty stout with the smoothness of peanut butter ~ 8 SAIL Heckington, Lincolnshire RES MAYFLOWER IPA 4.7% Pale beer dominated with floral and citrus flavours ~ ABBEYDALE Sheffield 5 ABSOLUTION 5.3% Premium strength golden ale with fruity, floral flavours RES DAILY BREAD 3.8% Copper coloured English bitter with a smooth bitter finish RES DECEPTION 4.1% Light and refreshing New Zealand pale ale 6 MOONSHINE 4.3% Well balanced pale ale 7 SECRETS OF THE SUBTERRANEAN 4.0% Pale ale with Sorachi Ace, Eureka, Enigma hops ~ ACORN Barnsley RES BARNSLEY BITTER 3.8% Classic Yorkshire bitter 8 CERTIFICATE EIGHTEEN 4.5% Birthday pale ale 9 CF184 5.0% Experimental single hopped IPA ~ ADNAMS Southwold, Suffolk RES GHOSTSHIP 4.5% Ghostly pale ale with great citrus flavours 10 MOSAIC PALE ALE 4.1% A fruity pale ale ~ ALECHEMY Edinburgh 11 ARCANA 5.0% C

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