Taro Zhou Rong Taro old people, water Zhu Du people also.One day, the maid and the woman lived in the ferry. There was a scholar under the eaves of the rain shelter, wearing a wet sleeve and a single shadow. The old man was very thin. He sat down and learned that from the county town, the boy tried to get the old man's knowledge of books and words. The old woman cooked taros for a long time.Make one, then enter, live for it, smile and say: "the old taro will not be forgotten in the future."Stop the rain. Don't go. For more than ten years, the scholar used Jiadi as the Xiangguo. Occasionally, he ordered the cook to enter the taro, and he stopped to sigh: "he who wishes to cross the taro of the old man is sweet!"Make people visit his wife, since then.Cheng and Wei Wenzhi said that the old man and the prime minister had an old age. They invited him to meet them and talked about Jun rites. They didn't serve their children. To Beijing, Xiangguo comfort said: "do not forget the old taro, this is a fan Er Ru boil taro also."However, if the taro is cooked, the state will stop saying, "where is the sweet smell?"The old man said, "even the taro is sweet, but the sweet is not to reconcile the differences, and the time and position of the people are also changed.Xianggong used to walk tens of miles from the county town, trapped in the rain, and didn't choose to eat. Today, there are refined treasures in the hall, and the food is divided in the dynasty, and Zhang Yan makes the tripod. How sweet is it?The old man still likes to meet his husband only because of taro.The old man is old and has heard a lot: in the south of the village, there are a couple guarding the poor, weaving wells and mortar, reading assiduously and studying hard. Fortunately, they are famous, so they love concubines, abandon their wives, and die of depression. Taro is a woman.There are students a and B in the east of the city, one inkstone, one lamp, one window and one couch. In the morning, they can't argue about their clothes and their shoes. First, they have to lift up. When they are on the official road, they hear that they are down, laugh at them, and give them up. They are friends.I also heard that when I was studying, I would like to be successful in the future. I would like to be honest and upright as the ancients, loyal and filial as the ancients, and be an official. If I don't take charge of corruption, I would like to learn from taro.It's still a word to say. The old man was next to the west school. He heard that his teacher was a disciple of the former generation. There were generals, ministers, Yin, history assassins, guards, orders, or yellow and purple, or bridle curtains. Once the incident happened, he would bow to his knees and bow down to meet the money. He was afraid of falling behind, but he used his ancestral temple, country, body name and monarch's favor, which was no different from taro.But is it the only one who forgets the past with the present? Before the old man finished speaking, the Xiangguo suddenly thanked him and said, "the old man knows!"They were sent with a lot of money.So, the name of taro old man.Jeff!In the world, there are gentlemanly officials who can't speak, but those who I can speak often do so. 1For the sentences with wavy lines, the correct one is () (3 points) A. maids go out alone / live in the ferry with ruoju / one day / under the eaves of a scholar's shelter / clothes and wet sleeves / shadows are thin / the old man sits in / tries to return from the county / the old man knows a little about books / and language/ B. maid out / one day alone with Ruju ferry / under the rain shelter of a scholar / wet sleeve single / shadow is thin / the old man sits in / knows how to return from the county / the old man knows about / books and words/ C. maid out / alone with Ruju ferry / one day / under the rain shelter of a scholar / wet sleeve single / shadow is thin / the old man sits in / knows how to get back from the county / the old man knows a little about books / and language D. maid out / alone with Ruju ferry crossing / one day / under the rain shelter of a scholar / wet sleeve single / shadow is thin / the old man extends in / sits to know from the county / tries to return on the boy / the old man knows about the book / and the language for a long time/

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