Dr. Lauren R. Locklear Texas Tech University lauren.locklear@ttu.edu Education and Post Graduate Training Ph D, University of Central Florida, 2021. Major: Management Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Organizational Behavior Dissertation Title: Appreciation (dis)agreement: A relational perspective on workplace appreciation BS, University of Georgia, 2015. Major: Psychology Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Industrial & Organizational Academic and Professional Experience Assistant Professor of Management, Texas Tech University. (June 1, 2021 - Present). TEACHING Courses Taught Texas Tech University MGT 3376, Organizational Behavior, 3 courses. RESEARCH Published Intellectual Contributions Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book-New Locklear, L. R., Folger, R. (2020). Other-Focused Emotion Triads: Contempt, Anger, and Disgust (CAD) and Awe, Gratitude, and Elevation (AGE). Bennett, R. J., Marasi, S., Locklear, L. (2018). Workplace deviance.. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and Management. Journal Article, Academic Journal Taylor, S. G., Locklear, L., Kluemper, D. H., Lu, X. (2021). Beyond targets and instigators: Examining workplace incivility in dyads and the moderating role of perceived incivility norms.. Journal of Applied Psychology. Carlson, R. G., Barden, S. M., Locklear, L., Dillman Taylor, D., Carroll, N. (2021). Examining quality time as a mediator of dyadic change in a randomized controlled trial of relationship education for low-income couples. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy. Barden, S. M., Carlson, R. G., Toomey, T., Locklear, L., Taylor, D. D., Silverio, N. (2021). Examining the Effects of Relationship Education for Same-Sex Couples: A Randomized Control Trial. Marriage and Family Review. Locklear, L., Taylor, S. G., Ambrose, M. L. (2021). How a Gratitude Intervention Influences Workplace Mistreatment: A Multiple Mediation Model. Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(9), 1314-1331. Buengeler, C., Piccolo, R. F., Locklear, L. (2021). LMX Differentiation and Group Outcomes: A Framework and Review Drawing on Group Diversity Insights. Journal of Management, 47(1), 260-287. Williamson, R. L., Beiler-May, A., Locklear, L., Clark, M. A. (2017). Bringing home what I′m hiding at work: The impact of sexual orientation disclosure at work for same-sex couples. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 103, 7-22. Journal Article, Professional Journal Taylor, S. G., Locklear, L. R. A Little Rudeness Goes a Long Way: How to Stop Incivility from Spreading in Your Organization. MIT Sloan Management Review. Locklear, L. R., Taylor, S. G. (2020). Building a Better Workplace Starts with Saying “Thanks.”. Harvard Business Review. Presentations Given Locklear, L., Kane, M., Ehrhart, M., 81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, "The ripple effect of gratitude: A trickle-down model of gratitude expressions in organizations.." (August 2022). Carlson, Barden, S. M., Locklear, L., Dillman-Taylor, D., Carroll, K., National Council on Family Relations, "Examining Quality Time as a Mediator of Dyadic Change in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Relationship Education for Low-Income Couples.." (November 2021). Locklear, L., 2021 Meeting of the Southern Management Association, "Allying & Advocating in the Classroom and Beyond." (October 2021). Locklear, L., Ehrhart, M., Morrison, H., Sandvik, A., Whiting, S., 81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, "The emergence and impact of gratitude norms in work groups: Examining member attributes and behavior.." (August 2021). Locklear, L. R., Sheridan, S., Ambrose, M., 81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management,, "Gratitude as positive feedback in organizations: Examining the psychologically empowering nature of gratitude expressions from supervisors, coworkers, and customers.." (August 2021). Locklear, L., Ehrhart, M., Whiting, S., 80th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, "Light versus dark: A team trait approach to helping and performance in teams.." (August 2020). Locklear, L. R., Whiting, S. G., Ehrhart, M., 80th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, "Returning the favor: Examining reciprocation of help received." (August 2020). Locklear, L., 1st Florida Management Conference, "A relational model of workplace appreciation: Examining appreciation agreement and disagreement in supervisor-subordinate dyads.." (July 2020). Locklear, L. R., Joseph, D. G., 35th Annual Meeting of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, "A meta-analytic review of work

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