KY Tech Russell Area Technology Center 705 Red Devil Lane Phone: (606) 836-1256 Russell, KY 41169 Fax: (606) 836-3784 Stacey Thompson, Principal August 12, 2021 Re: RATC Dual Credit with Ashland Comm. & Technical College Dear Parent/Guardian and Student, Hello! We are so excited to again be partnering with Ashland Community & Technical College to offer dual credit in our career pathways! This is a great opportunity for our students as it will allow them to take college-level technical courses at the RussellATC, while earning college credit through Ashland Community and Technical College. This means your student will be earning high school and college credit at the same time! Our teachers are thrilled to be part of this process with your student and ACTC. If you were enrolled in ACTC & took dual credit in the Spring 2020, you will not have to enroll again as an ACTC student. You should just use your registration number from the Spring to register for your 2021 courses. We are anticipating great things this year for our dual credit students! Not all of our RATC courses are offered for dual credit. There is a list of courses attached to this letter, to let you know what is being offered. If a course is listed that your student is currently enrolled in at the RATC on their schedule, you can complete the dual credit process. To register, please go to the link below to register and enroll your student in Ashland Community and Technical College: If you are new to dual credit, please enroll now as a student with Ashland Community and Technical College. To enroll, please go to the link above to enroll your student in Ashland Community and Technical College Next, the student needs to follow the directions listed on this double-sided document along with each attachment in this packet: 1. Check your high school schedule to make sure that the course on your schedule and the course listed for dual credit on ACTC’s Dual Credit Course list match. If they do, please go to Step #2. If they do not, then there is not a dual credit course offered through ACTC for this course currently. ___________________________________________ Education and Workforce Development Cabinet An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D KY Tech Russell Area Technology Center 705 Red Devil Lane Phone: (606) 836-1256 Russell, KY 41169 Fax: (606) 836-3784 Stacey Thompson, Principal 2. Spend time looking through the website listed above. It is the ACTC Hub, which contains all the information you need to enroll and register for dual credit. Read directions carefully and apply to be a student at ACTC first. 3. Use the ID number you get from your application to select your dual credit courses next—follow the instructions for the online registration form. You must have a parent present to sign electronically. (If you get ONLY a reference number when you apply to the college, follow the directions on the website regarding this). 4. When you have completed both steps 2 and 3, email your Mrs. Thompson and tell her you have completed both the ACTC application and online course request form. Please send me an email with your student’s name and the program they are requesting to do for dual credit, such as Business, Computer Science, Computer-Aided Drafting, Electricity, Health Science or Welding. If your student decides to take two courses for Dual Credit, please add this to the email you are sending. My email address is Students are eligible to apply for up to two Work Ready Scholarships each year in Career and Technical Education. It is not time to apply for the Work Ready Scholarship yet. I will send out a Remind, Tweet, and change the webpage to let you know when you can start the scholarship application. When it is time to apply, you go to the following website: This is really important to remember when completing your Work Ready Scholarship! Make sure you mark the college/school: “Ashland Community and Technical College”. Do not select any other college other than ACTC. This directs the scholarship money to pay for your dual credit course(s) to ACTC. If you choose a different college, it will mess up your scholarship and could cause you not to be able to use these funds. Also, students will not need to purchase any college textbooks to complete dual credit here at the Russell

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