Application + Contract for UWEC Housing + Residence Life CVTC Students—2022-2023 First Name:Click or tap here to enter text. Middle Name:Click or tap here to enter text. Last Name:Click or tap here to enter text. Gender: Choose an item. Birthdate:Click or tap to enter a date. Address:Click or tap here to enter text. City:Click or tap here to enter text. State:Click or tap here to enter text. Zip:Click or tap here to enter text. Home Phone: Click or tap here to enter text. Cell Phone:Click or tap here to enter text. CVTC Student ID Number:Click or tap here to enter text. CVTC Student Email Address:Click or tap here to enter text. Personal Email Address:Click or tap here to enter text. Terms of Contract: By submitting this housing application/contract, you are committing to living and paying for housing accommodations within a residence hall double room operated by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Housing + Residence Life for the term selected in this application. Additionally, you understand that you must abide by the judicial policies of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Housing + Residence Life and CVTC code of conduct. ______________________________________________________________________________ DEADLINE TO SUBMIT THIS HOUSING CONTRACT: July 15, 2022.     30 total spaces for CVTC students will be available for 2022-2023 No contracts will be accepted after above date. By submitting this contract solely, you have not secured a space within UWEC housing. Please read the process to secure your space in the next steps. Space will be secured on a first come first serve basis. Process To Secure Your Housing Space at UWEC Once you sign this contract, you are signifying that you intend to enroll in classes at CVTC. UWEC Housing will hold a space for you within housing once this contract is received. Below outlines the process to secure an assignment at UWEC. 1. Submit UWEC Housing Contract by July 15. All spaces are first come first serve up to 30 spaces and assigned based on date contracts received. 2. UWEC Housing verifies student enrollment at CVTC in 12 credits by July 15 3. Once CVTC confirms registration, UWEC Housing notifies you via email that you should now submit the $500 pre-payment. The sooner you submit the deposit prepayment the sooner you will receive your assignment. 4. You must submit the required $500 Housing Deposit Pre-payment on or before July 15, or within 10 business days of receiving the registration confirm email from UWEC Housing. 5. Once the prepayment is received, UWEC Housing will provide full room assignment details. Failure to submit payment within deadlines noted in step 4 will result in your housing space being released. 6. If UWEC housing is unable to confirm CVTC class registration as of July 15, UWEC Housing will release your top 30 space to another student who has registered for classes that qualifies for housing. $500 Housing Deposit Prepayment Guidelines:    The $500 required pre-payment deposit will not be accepted until CVTC has confirmed registration. You will receive an email from UWEC Housing indicating your registration is confirmed and payment can now be submitted with directions on how to submit this required payment. The $500 required pre-payment deposit will be applied to the fall term bill amount due. Thus, for fall term the outstanding bill will be fall term fees minus $500 and spring term fees will be the entire double room rate listed below. See below in Cancellation Guidelines more details of the $500 pre-payment status due to cancellation. Cancellation Guidelines:     If a student submits the UWEC contract, decides to no longer enroll at CVTC prior to the and notifies UWEC before August 28, 2022 (first day of housing contract), the student will be released from the terms of the contract and if received, $500 prepayment is refunded. If student drops enrollment at CVTC and notifies UWEC Housing on or after the first day of the housing contract, Sunday, August 28, 2022, the $500 Housing Deposit Prepayment will be forfeited and is non-refundable. o If student checked into their housing assignment, they will be responsible for per day pro-rated charges until the check-out date. The $500 housing deposit prepayment will be applied to any unpaid balance and any remaining portion will be forfeited. If the student owes more than $500, then this amount will be applied to the balance and the resulting unpaid balance is the responsibility of the st

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