CURRICULUM VITAE D. Jeffrey Mooney, Ph.D. PERSONAL   Born: July 11, 1966 Married: Angela Baker Mooney, September 28, 1991 EDUCATIONAL     Diploma, Moody High School, Moody, Alabama, 1984 B.A., Jazz Studies/ Music Theory, Auburn University, 1984-1990 M.Div., Beeson Divinity School, 1993-1997 Ph.D., Old Testament Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1997-2003 MINISTERIAL      Senior Pastor, Redeemer Baptist Church (formerly The First Baptist Church of Norco) August 2005 - Present Interim Pastor, The First Baptist Church of Norco, November 2004 – August 2005 Associate Pastor/ Minister of Music, Cedar Grove Baptist Church, Shepherdsville, Kentucky, 1997-2004 Minister of Music/ Youth, Westside Baptist Church, Jasper, Alabama, 1993-1997 US-2, Home Mission Board, Baptist Student Union Director, Pratt Community College, Pratt, Kansas, 1990-1993 ACADEMIC         Professor of Old Testament Interpretation and Theology, 2015-2020 Received Tenure – 2011 Associate Professor of Christian Studies, California Baptist University, 2009- 2015 Assistant Professor of Christian Studies, California Baptist University, 2004-2009 Instructor, Theology in Ministry/ Supervised Ministry Experience (small group), The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2000-2002 Research Assistant for Elmer Martens, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2000 Garrett Fellow, Hebrew, Exegesis, and Old Testament, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1997-2002 Teaching Assistant, Beeson Divinity School, 1994-1997 PUBLICATIONS/ PRESENTATIONS                     “A Biblical Theology of Jonah and the Race Conversation," to present as my plenary address at the Far West Evangelical Theological Society, 2021 “Mum‘s the Word: An Analysis of Mum ‫ ֔מּום‬in the Context of the Prohibition in Leviticus 21:16-24,” submitted to The Journal of Faith and Disability November 2020 “The Doctrine of Creation and Jazz Music,” Respondent to Craig Bartholomew and Bruce Ashford, The Doctrine of Creation, International Webinar, November 24, 2020 Toward a Holistic Biblical Theology of Christian Worship, Forthcoming in The Southwestern Journal of Theology, Fall 2020 Paper, “How are the 8th Century Prophets “Social?” at the Far West Regional Evangelical Theological Society, Read on March 29, 2019 Article, “Disability Scholarship and Old Testament Studies,” an article for Didaktikos. Paper, “Mum‘s the Word: An Analysis of Mum ‫ ֔מּום‬in the Context of the Prohibition in Leviticus 21:16-24,” An Abstract Presented for “Crossing the Lines: Interdisciplinary Christian Conversations about Difference,” San Diego, CA October, 2019 Paper, “A Mass of Flesh without a Soul: Luther and The Prohibition in Leviticus 21:1624” ETS, Providence RI, 2017 Paper, “Moving from Civic to Covenantal: Reading the Plain Senses of Old Testament Justice Texts,” Henry Symposium for Religion and Public Life, Calvin College, Grand Rapids Michigan, Spring 2015. Paper, “The Reformed in Need of Reformation: Reading the Plain Sense of the Old Testament Justice Texts for a Thorough Ecclesiology,” ETS Far West Conference, California Baptist University, Spring 2015. “The Idea of Justice in the Old Testament Prophets” a Response to Ken Witsma, Panel with Ken Witsma at California Baptist University, Christ and Culture Lecture Series. Paper, “Weaver's Ideas Have Consequences: Jazz Music and Human Flourishing,” California Baptist University Apologetics Conference: Imagining the Good Life: Apologetics and Human Flourishing, California Baptist University, Spring 2013. Paper, “Leviticus 10: Priestly Pyrotechnics and the Uncommonness of YHWH,” ETS, San Diego 2007. “The Blind and the Lame in the Torah and the Ancient Near East,” ETS, Washington D.C. 2006. “What Do Suffering Christians Sing?: The Absence of Laments in the Worship Music of 2017 and its Implications,” Lecture at The Worship Forum, California Baptist University, 2017 Book Review, Butterfield, Rosaria Champaign. Secrets of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor’s Journey into the Christian Faith, reviewed by D. Jeffrey Mooney, Journal for Baptist Studies, 6 (2014) Chapter, Jeff Mooney/ Jason DeRouche, "Leviticus," What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About, (Kregel: 2013) Article, "Leviticus" in the LOGOS Lexham Online Bible Dictionary, 2013. Article, “Israel in Slavery and Slavery in Israel” The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 12/3 Fall 2008 Article, “Righteousness,” Holman Illustr

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