Portal: Classroom 360 Topic: Gradebook C360 – Google Classroom Integration for Teachers Tyler SIS Overview Google Classroom is a learning management system that is a part of G Suite for Education. Courses and rosters are sent directly from Classroom 360 to Google Classroom. Assignments and student scores are sent back from Google Classroom into the Classroom 360 gradebook. Steps for Teachers Once Tyler SIS and Google Classroom have been set up using the previous steps, teachers can then use Google Classroom and Classroom 360 together. Prior to syncing rosters, each SIS gradebook must be linked to a Google Classroom class. Linking Courses to Google Classroom in Classroom 360 Once you log into Classroom 360, there are two ways to get to Google Classroom.  On the My Classes screen, the Actions menu has a Google Classroom option that can be used to sync the roster to Google Classroom from Classroom 360  The Classroom 360 Gradebook has a Google Classroom icon on the bottom toolbar that will also allow the roster to be synced. If you have never logged into Google Classroom from Classroom 360, you will be prompted to allow Classroom 360 to manage your Google Classroom. You must allow Classroom 360 to access your Google Classroom. Otherwise, no further actions can be performed. The first time you access Google Classroom from an un-linked section, you will need to choose with which course to link. 1. You can either create a new class in Google Classroom or link Classroom 360 to an existing class. 2. If you choose the Create new class option, a new class will be created on Google Classroom and the students will be synced to that class’s roster. www.tylertech.com Google Classroom Integration for Teachers 1 3. Selecting Link to existing class will display a list of classes that have already been created in Google Classroom. Sections in Classroom 360 can be linked to Google Classroom classes on a one-to-one basis, so each section in Classroom 360 should have its own entry in Google Classroom. 4. Click the name of the Google Classroom class you want to link to the selected course in Classroom 360. Note that if a Google Classroom class is already linked to a SIS section, the Actions column will have the Unlink action available. 5. Once a section is linked to Google Classroom, you can perform these actions: a. Open Classroom: Opens the Google Classroom class for this section in a new browser tab, where all Google Classroom functionality can be used. b. From the Actions menu: i. Change Associated Class: Change the Google Classroom class associated with this section. ii. Update Roster: Send the current class roster to Google Classroom. This adds any new students, removes any withdrawn students, and updates the Roster Last Updated date. www.tylertech.com Google Classroom Integration for Teachers 2  If the course already has assignments in Google Classroom, those assignments will appear here. Those assignments and student scores can be imported to Classroom 360. For more information, see the Importing Assignments from Google Classroom section later in this document. Note: Updating the class roster to remove withdrawn students in Google Classroom does not delete any assignments or other objects associated with the student. You can still see those objects even after students have withdrawn. For more information see Google’s documentation: https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/answer/6069576?co=GENIE.Platform %3DDesktop&hl=en Importing Assignments from Google Classroom Once a course has been linked to Google Classroom, assignments and student scores for that course can be imported into the Classroom 360 Gradebook. This allows teachers to use Google Classroom to populate the Assignments view available to parents, students, and administrative staff without requiring teachers to do double-entry of assignments. In Classroom 360, go to the Gradebook for a course by clicking the Grading Due icon for that course or by selecting Gradebook from the Actions menu. On the Scores tab of the Gradebook, select the Classroom button from the bottom tool bar. If the roster has already been synced with Google Classroom, the Import from Google Classroom window will appear. For more information on syncing rosters from Classroom 360 into Google Classroom, see the Linking Courses to Google Classroom in Classroom 360 section of this document. www.tylertech.com Google Classroom Integration for Teachers 3 The assignments grid

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