You: Welcome and thank you for joining us! We will begin promptly at 2pm ET. Deanna Carpitche: Hello! Is there currently any sound? I'm not hearing any so just making sure. Thanks. Keri Neblett: I am not hearing anything either. You: Not at the moment but we will be starting shortly. Thank you for joining us!! trevor travers: i dont think they started Lindsey Spooner-Gabaldon: Is our video turned off? You: Yes - you will be seeing the presenter, Adam Chu when he begins. Whitney Van Vleet: Is there a way to mute myself? I'm not very familiar with Adobe. trevor travers: me either You: YOu are already muted. :-) trevor travers: ok good thanks Whitney Van Vleet: Great, thanks for the clarification! Jerry Reed: Good afternoon everyone. Candice Frederick: Good Afternoon! Shelby Joseph: Good afternoon! Cassandra Smith: Good afternoon everyone! Shawn McFadden: Good afternoon everyone! Chris Butler: hello everyone Shane Kuhlman: Afternoon! Eilean Mackenzie: Afternoon everyone. Noel Dominguez: Hello! Catherin Detwiler: good afternoon Heather Morris 2: Brenda Sheffey. Hello all. good afternoon Rufina Porras: Hello Everyone, i am Rufina Porras from Tri City Mental Health Jim Salasek: hello from St. Paul, MN - hope everyone is safe and healthy Benjamin Gatliff: good afternoon. Whitney Van Vleet 2: Hello from SCC, Washington State Colleen B: Good afternoon from Windsor, Ontario Canada! Gerry Threatt: Hello from SCC WA State Ashley Birtcher: good afternoon. i am Ashley with ohio health Ashley Birtcher: columbus ohio Whitney Van Vleet: "Whitney Van Vleet 2" is actually Kleandria Hester, for attendance purposes. :) Sharonda Lyons: Good Afternoon all... Cyndee Blenkush: Good afternoon, Cyndee Blenkush from Custer County, CO Laura Sprouse: Good morning from Marion County, Salem, Oregon. Nicole Lee: Good afternoon everyone! Nicole here, from Mo. Carin Hennessey: Carin Hennessey, Nevada Medicaid Jose Melendrez: Jose L. Melendrez-UNLV-School of Public Health KristiAnna Whitman: Hafa Adai from Guam! Lori Follett: Lori Follett Nevada Medicaid Vickie Grable : hello Leo Buck: Good Afternoon, Leo Buck from Indiana, PA Crisis Intervention Helen Byrd: Is anyone else experiencing video and sound issues? Mary Shelton: Hello everyone, Mary Shelton from MFBHC Jerry Reed: I am not experiencing any video or sound issues. Cyndee Blenkush: yes, Helen, I do not have any audio You: Hi Helen! Everything sounds OK on this end. You may want to log out and log back in if you keep experiencing difficulties. Cassidy D'Amour: Cassidy D'Amour from Alta Vista Mental Health and Rise Wellness in Reno, NV Dominique Miller: Hello from Dominique Miller, SCC WA State Helen Byrd: Thanks, I'm thinking it might be me...the video is freezing at times and I'm losing sound while it's frozen. Lisa Cozzi: Hello from Lisa Cozzi, Lehigh County Crisis Intervention Debra Williams: Hello from Debra Williams, Baldwin County Crisis Intervention Lindsey Spooner-Gabaldon: Same problem as Helen Byrd You: Welcome Everyone! Thank you for being here. Please remember to type your questions here and we will ask as many as we can. Thanks! Noel Dominguez 3: Debra "LuAnne" Smith: Hello from COCMHC in Norman, Oklahoma You: Hi Lindsey! You may want to log out and log back in as everything sounds OK on my end. Let us know if we can do anything to assist. Zeleria King: Hello Ada Katherine van Wyhe: Ada Katherine van Wyhe and Anne Mascia, Alabama Department of Mental Health - Office of Legislative & Constituent Affairs Julie Olson: Will the slides be available after the presentation? Zeleria King: Hello Zeleria King Milledgeville, Ga Baldwin Crisis Response Team Gina Moulas: Gina Moulas CEPC Suicide Prevention Department of Veteran AffairsNebraska Western Iowa You: Hi Julie - the slides are actually available now. You can download them where it says "Powerpoint presentation". But yes, they will be sent to you via email with the recording. They will also be available on our website at Hope this helps! Angelika Johnson: Hello Amber Muchal: Hello! We are Amber Muchal and Jamie Chiampi. We are Social workers for the department of corrections in PA You: Welcome! Ana Huntsberger: Are there recommendations/best practices for how soon an individual should be seen by the outpatient provider after discharge from an inpatient facility? Shelby Joseph: @Ana at our agency we often receive the referrals from inpatient for outpatient appointments. We attempt to get them seen within 72 hours of dis

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