CAGLIERO RANCH NURSERY 2700 W. Devonshire Ave. Hemet 951-766-7755 Rose Varieties 2022 Bush Roses #5 size $34.99 ADOBE SUNRISE-Fl -orange A L L D R E S S E D U P- G r - pi n k * ALL MY LOVING-Ht-pink/red* ANGEL FACE-Fl-lavender* ANNA'S PROMISE-Gr-Golden tan, pink blush* ARCTIC BLUE-Fl-lilac/blue/cream* BARBRA STREISAND-Ht-lavender* BEST KEPT SECRET-Ht-white/pink* BLACK BACARRA-Ht-dark red BLUE GIRL-Htlavender BRANDY- Ht- apricot BRILLIANT PINK ICEBERG-Fl- pink BRINDABELLA PURPLE-Sh-purple/red* BRONZE STAR-Ht- apricot* BURGUNDY ICEBERG-Fl-dark purple BURST OF JOY-Fl-Coral bicolor CALIFORNIA DREAMIN'-Ht - pink/white* CENTENNIAL STAR-Ht-golden yellow/red* CHANTILLY CREAM-Ht-soft yellow*-NEW CH-CHING!-Gr-lemon yellow* CHERRY PARFAIT-Gr- white/red CHIHULY-Fl-yellow/orange multi CHRYSLER IMPERIAL-Ht-dk red* DORIS DAY- Fl- gold yellow* DOUBLE DELIGHT-Ht- cream/red* DOUBLE KNOCK OUT-Sh-cherry red* DROP DEAD RED-Fl- red EASY DOES IT-Fl- peach/pink EASY SPIRIT-Fl-white/cream EBB TIDE-Fl- deep purple* ELEGANZA WEDDING BELLS-Ht-pink* ELIZABETH TAYLOR- Ht-deep pink ENCHANTED PEACE-Ht-yellow/orange/pink* ETERNAL FLAME- Ht- soft yellow FIREFIGHTER-Ht-velvet red* FOREVER AMBER-Fl-apricot*NEW FRAGRANT PLUM-Gr-lavender purple* FRIDA KAHLO-Fl-scarlet striped gold* FUN IN THE SUN-Gr-gold/pink* GEORGE BURNS-Fl-yellow/red* GINA LOLLOBRIGIDA-Ht-yellow* GINGERSNAP-Fl-yellow/orange GOLD MEDAL-Gr-Gold* GOLDSTRUCK-Gr-golden yellow GRACE N GRIT-Sh-red, pink GRANDE DAME- Ht- rose pink* HANSA RUGOSA-violet red* HAPPY GO LUCKY-Gr-yellow HENRY FONDA-Ht-deep yellow* HOT COCOA-Fl-rust/orange* HOTEL CALIFORNIA- Ht- yellow I CEBERG- Fl- white INGRID BERGMAN- Ht- dark red JULIA CHILD- Fl- yellow* KNOCK OUT-Sh- cherry red LIFE OF THE PARTY-Fl-yellow/pink* LIVIN' EASY- Fl- apricot* LOVE AT FIRST SIGHTHt-red/white MARILYN MONROE- Ht- apricot/cream MARMALADE SKIES- Fl- orange MELLOW YELLOW- Ht- yellow* MEMORIAL DAY- Ht- pink* MIDAS TOUCH- Ht- yellow MISS ALL-AMERICAN BEAUTYHt-pink* MISS CONGENIALITY-Gr-white/pink* MISTER LINCOLN- Ht- red* MOONSTONE-Ht- White edged w/pink* NEIL DIAMOND-Ht-pink w/white stripes* NEPTUNE-Ht- lavender blend* Ht-Hybrid Tea/ Fl-Floribunda/Gr-Grandiflora/ Ro-Romantica/ Sh-Shrub/*Fragrant CAGLIERO RANCH NURSERY 2700 W. Devonshire Ave. Hemet 951-766-7755 Rose Varieties 2022 Bush Roses Continued OKLAHOMA- Ht- dark red* OPENING NIGHT- Ht- red ORANGES 'N' LEMONS- Shorange/yellow* PAINTED PORCELAIN-Ht-white/pink PEACE- Ht- yellow/pink PERFECT MOMENT- Htyellow/red PERFUME DELIGHTHt- pink* PERFUME FACTORY-Ht-magenta/lavender* PLUM PERFECT SUNBELT-Flpurple* POP ART-Gr-pink/yellow stripe*NEW POPE JOHN PAUL II- Ht- white* PRETTY LADY ROSE-Ht-dk. pink* PRINCESS CHARLENE DE MONACO-Roapricot/pink* QUEEN MARY 2- Ht- white* RIO SAMBA- Ht- yellow/orange ROCK & ROLL- Gr- red/white* ROSA RUGOSA-blue/pink ROSIE THE RIVETER-Fl-orangey gold/pink* ROUGE ROYALE-Ro-red* SAVANNAH SUNBELT-Ht-salmon* SCENTIMENTAL- Fl- red/white* SEDONA- Ht- coral* SILVER LINING-Fl-lavender SITTING PRETTY-Gr-pink* SPARKLE & SHINE- Fl- bright yellow* ST. PATRICK- Ht- yellow/green STERLING SILVER- Htlavender STILETTO- Ht-magenta* STRIKE IT RICH- Ht- gold* SUMMER ROMANCE PARFUMA-Flpink* SUNSTRUCK- Ht- apricot SWEET MADAME BLUE-Fl-lavender w/magenta*-NEW THE FAIRY-Sh-pink TIFFANY-Ht-deep pink* TROPICANA-Ht-orange* TWILIGHT ZONE- Gr- deep purple* VERANDA FIESTA-Fl-yellow/orange-NEW VETERAN'S HONOR- Ht- bright red VIOLET'S PRIDE-Fl-lav/magenta* VOODOO-H t- orange* WHITE LICORICE-Fl-lemon cream* Miniature Roses #2 size $22.99 ALL A'TWITTER- bright orange BE MY BABY- pink CUTIE PIE- peach/yellow GOURMET POPCORN- white* LEMON DROP- lemonade yellow* MIDNIGHT FIRE-purple/orange PETITE KNOCKOUT- red- NEW RAINBOW'S END- yellow blend RUBY RUBY- cherry red SUNROSA RED- red TIDDLY WINKS-orange pink/yellow Climbing Roses #5 size unstaked $34.99 CECILE BRUNNER-pastel pink* COLETTE-pink* DON JUAN- red* FOURTH OF JULY- red/white* GOLDEN OPPORTUNITYgold* JOSEPH'S COAT-multi yellow/red LADY IN RED-dark red PURPLE SPLASH- purple/white ROYAL GOLD- deep golden yellow* WHITE EDEN- white Ht-Hybrid Tea/ Fl-Floribunda/Gr-Grandiflora/ Ro-Romantica/Sh-Shrub/*Fragrant CAGLIERO RANCH NURSERY 2700 W. Devonshire Ave. Hemet 951-766-7755 Rose Varieties 2022 24" Tree Roses #5 size $54.99 BURST OF JOY-Fl-coral bicolor DORIS DAY- Fl- gold yellow* DROP DEAD RED- Fl-red EBB TIDE- Fl- deep purple* LIFE OF THE PARTY-Fl- yello

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