Ordinance Review Committee Meeting Notes (Draft…not approved by the Committee) December 21, 2021 Call To Order: Meeting was called to order by Barry Jordan at 6:04pm Pledge of Allegiance Role Call: Marcy Laliberte Members Present: Barry Jordan, Brandon Woolley, Paul White, David McCarthy, Grosvenor Newcomb, Lori Cohoon, Bob Laliberte Public Guests Present: Phil Lowe, David Cohoon, Tina Libby-Hook, Mark Arsenault Members Absent: Chris Anderson, Chris Parker Reading of Minutes: Marcy read minutes of last meeting on November 30, 2021. 1. Before minutes are to be accepted, David stated that Grove Newcomb was voted in as second chairperson and wants this change noted in the minutes. 2. David made motion to accept minutes with the additional change. 3. Lori seconded motion. 4. All were in favor except Paul, who abstained from voting as he was not present at the last meeting. 5. Brandon requested that the minutes of the meeting be submitted to all committee members ahead of the meeting, to allow members a thorough review and preparation prior to the meetings. Elect Secretary: 1. 2. 3. 4. Barry…to accept Marcy Laliberte as secretary for the committee. Lori made motion to accept Marcy as secretary. Grove seconded motion. Motion carried with all in favor. Board Introductions: 1. Barry requested that all members of the committee introduce themselves and give a brief statement. 2. Grosvenor (Grove) Newcomb… has lived in Sebago 34 years, has been on the planning board for 9 years, budget committee for 3 years. Has been a carpenter all of his life. 1 3. Bob Laliberte…has lived in Sebago for 22 years, owned land in Sebago for 32 years. He is a mechanical engineer, has worked as a consultant doing organization design for 20 years, has been on Board of Directors for PMI (Project Management Institute) for 5 years in the past and has not held any town public office. 4. Lori Cohoon…has lived in Sebago for 14 years, is 4 th generation living in Sebago. Was a former EMT and professional fire fighter; changed careers and is now an RN. Only political experience was in high school. 5. Barry Jordan…has lived in Sebago 45 years; wife has lived in Sebago 68 years. Has been Rescue and Fire Chief for 10 years, President of Baseball Association, helped build the athletic field and has been on finance committee. Has been community oriented most of his life. 6. Brandon…current Code Enforcement Officer and lives in Baldwin. He is a professional sheep shearer, ski instructor and code enforcement officer. Brandon stated “my life started 12 years ago”. 7. Dave McCarthy…has lived in Sebago 34 years, has been involved with the town a long time. On budget committee 12 years, was a selectman, President of Youth Association and is on the Appeals Board. Enjoys the town and its people. 8. Paul White…has lived in Sebago all his life. On planning board for 12 years and worked on the original Comprehensive Plan. Opening Statement, Barry, Chairperson: Barry requested Marcy read the moratorium. After the reading, Barry states... that there are two sides to this issue, the Comprehensive Plan and the need to clarify the language of Ordinances and Comprehensive Plan. However we should make sure that we review just the quarries, sand and gravel, not rewrite the complete Land Use Plan and Comprehensive Plan. Should stay with this one issue. The Comprehensive Plan was adopted at town meeting June 3, 2006, but there is no expiration date. Page 1 of Comprehensive Plan refers to natural resources and rural character of the town. Sebago residents would like to protect natural resources, change slowly with moderate growth and with new development similar in nature to the character of the town that already exists. Goal is to retain mix of natural resources, tourists’ activities, and seasonal residents. 1. Page 7…. To allow residential home operation, small scale business use. Restrict incompatible noise, traffic that is not normal to residential neighborhood. 2. Page1-1 Land Use: (c) promote health and safety and general welfare of residents, conserve natural resources. (e) When Ordinances conflicts with others the more restrictive shall prevail. Shall means that's the way it is. 3. 4-2 (d) List of prohibited uses. Perhaps add Quarries. 4. 4-9 Add quarries to that list. 5. 5-10 Industrial Performance Standards 2 6. (b) Vibrations---not transmitted outside lot where it originates. 7. (d) Offensive noises prohibited beyond lot line to cause disturbance to neighboring r

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