1st ELGIN SCOUTS RISK ASSESSMENT FOR LITTER PICKING NAME OF DISTRICT/GROUP: 1st Elgin Cub Scouts NAME OF PERSON COMPLETING RISK ASSESSMENT/UPDATE: Kenny McKenna DATE OF RISK ASSESSMENT/UPDATE: 02/05/2021 The aim of this risk assessment is to provide general information on the type of hazards adults and young members (as well as others who may be involved) are exposed to. The list given is by no means an exhaustive one. Hazards which are not listed but are specific to your visit should be recorded on the blank assessment form Hazard Who may be harmed? All Risk Control Measure M Scratches and Splinters, stings from nettles All L Injury to person from equipment due to misuse All M Safety brief and demonstration to be given to all groups L prior to use All cubs will be informed of types of rubbish and how to only handle them with litter picker tools or the bin bags provided. Cubs will be informed not to touch harmful waste. This includes dog faeces, broken glass and possible disused syringes. Ensure safe distance between user and others. Ensure appropriate footwear and clothing is worn and hair tied back etc. Leaders to be first aid trained and have access to a first aid kit Leader to warn group about the possibility of splinters L and avoid any wood which looks like a hazard. Cubs to use the relevant tools to reach items in the bushes. eg rakes All cubs will be encouraged to look around before L carrying out the task to ensure that no cub or members of the public are injured. This may require a look out aspect for the cub. Any misbehaving with the equipment will be lead it to being removed from the cub. Only use under the supervision of a leader. Tools only used for appropriate activity. Consider excluding those who endanger themselves or others Safety Brief on Collecting Rubbish Litter Picking Remaining risk

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