EDUCATIONAL – GROUP 1 – PROGRAM/INSTRUCTION PARA-EDUCATOR Job Description I. Qualifications: The Para-educator must have a high school diploma or GED. Have skills appropriate to the responsibilities. Maintenance of strict confidentiality is a must. II. Employment Terms: Student days plus 1 day to be designated by the Superintendent. Benefits outlined in the ESP Collective Bargaining Agreement. III. Reporting Level: Para-educator is supervised by and reports to the Classroom Teacher and the Building Administrator or Director of Special Educator. IV. Job Functions: The Para-educator is involved in supporting students and classroom teachers within the regular school setting. The Para-educator will perform a variety of supportive activities with a diverse student population. A. Work with individual/small/large groups of students B. Support classroom teachers in curriculum development, activity modification and other clerical duties as assigned. C. Assist students with work completion within the classroom D. Assist with general classroom behavior management procedures E. Attend team meetings as requested. F. Assist with supervision of students during emergency drills, assemblies and field trips. G. Report all student safety issues to classroom teacher H. Other duties as assigned by classroom teacher or administrator V. Criteria for Evaluation: The para-educator will be evaluated by the Classroom Teacher and/or the Building Administrator or Director of Special Education on an annual basis. This evaluation will be based upon this job description and other relevant criteria.

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