FIRST LADIE’S HUSBAND 7-10-202 Americans don’t like to be bossed around even someone who was in show business – Reagan was not so much of a bossy person, a little more laid back. Trump is a lot like the person on his show “The Apprentice” – he is the last word, no matter who you were – if you didn’t produce results “ Your Fired”. He was expert at picking the right man for the job and looking at his past, he turned 10 million into 600 times as much. He was true to the laws of the land including the IRS – a judge even charged him with turning his financial trail over to examiners and they only found what legal avenues the IRS allows – he didn’t have to be a crook! He even brought up children that are loyal to him, unlike most kids today feel about their parents. He didn’t need the money or the fame, he already had at. I know money makes money but do you understand how many people have won the lottery and are broke today? That’s the mentality of most of us- I worked hard for 60 yrs. And built a net worth of over a million twice and lost it – hard worker but not to smart. I’ve made some really stupid mistakes in businesses that I owned, mostly, not being able to pick the right man for the job and not handling confrontations in a conciliatory fashion – I just said “my lawyer will be in touch” and my lawyers always made out pretty good and I lost my butt. Not only smart but he knows how to use controlled anger strategically and the other countries of the world that were threatening or taking advantage of us paid close attention. The dope that we have in office now is more likely to get us in a lot more trouble and maybe even war since he is doing everything he can to ruin this country like his friends the Clintons and Obamas. I sincerely believe that the election was stolen with as little as 46 thousand votes making the difference in 3 states. I heard one report that 40thousand votes were switched from Trump to Biden and there was even a witness to it – the way electronics are so complex today, it could very well be probable. What blows me away is that the Supreme Court wouldn’t find out what really happened. With 70 million votes on each side and such a small margin of win, they are responsible to find the truth and their decision is final, but they decided to run and hide. You could probably find 10 thousand dead people that voted and then how many y most of the rest of billegal aliens out of the 12 to 15 million that are in this country. I venture that 30 -40 percent of democrats have been brainwashed by our media just like what happened in Germany before the 1 st world war. His self-control is absolutely amazing with 4 years of continual pressure from the swamp unlike any president had to put up with in my lifetime – he didn’t crack, like most other politicians would under similar circumstances, but kept the same “you hit me, I’ll hit back “attitude. I firmly believe that his 4 years opened peoples eyes to how corrupt our government is – how most of our elected officials could care less if it is best for America or we the people. Much of the corruption has been on insider trading which is being privy to knowledge about a company before the public, in general, find out about it which politicians are positioned to know and take advantage – so they are assured of making 10, 15 and even 20 times their investment and its legal for them to do it – if we did the same, we would end up in jail. His crass attitude is exactly what America needed --=I AIN’T GONNA TAKE NO CRAP FROM ANYBODY—cause we have been taken advantage of for decades by most of the rest of the world and even our so-called allies. He knows business and how to make good deals cause that’s what he has done most of his life and that’s the attitude that works against other countries trying to walk all over us. They can rattle their sabres all they want but in the end America with a Trump face is what works. I learned thru all the fishing I’ve done in my life that a live bait is best because the live bait is crying out to get off the hook which the big fish hear and attack the same as our current administration is doing by sending bait-fish messages to other countries who are very much in tune to attack us or take advantage in many different ways. The wimp we have in Washington is sending baitfish messages to the world almost as if he wants us to be destroyed. I don’t know if Trump has the energy for 4 more years but we sure need him because the swamp has even got

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