MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC DIPLOMATIC PROTOCOL DIPLOMATIC LIST APRIL 2, 2022 THE DATA PUBLISHED REFLECT THE STATE AS ON APRIL 2, 2022 The Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts are requested to kindly communicate to the Diplomatic Protocol all changes related to all the data published in the Diplomatic List, as they occur (arrivals, departures, promotions, new addresses, etc.), so that may be included in the updated edition of the Diplomatic List. HEADS OF DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS 1 AMBASSADORS - DATES OF PRESENTING CREDENTIALS AMBASSADORS DATES OF PRESENTING CREDENTIALS (*Non-Resident in Prague) * Gabonese Republic H.E. Mr. Samuel-Lambert ONDO September 26, 1995 * Republic of San Marino H.E. Mr. Pietro GIACOMINI November 28, 1995 * Republic of Singapore H.E. Mr. Tan Soo KHOON October 23, 2007 * Principality of Liechtenstein H.S.H. Maria-Pia KOTHBAUER April 11, 2011 * Turkmenistan H.E. Mr. Silapberdy NURBERDYJEV February 5, 2013 * Republic of Malta H.E. Mr. Godfrey A. PIROTTA March 18, 2014 State of Palestine H.E. Mr. Khaled ALATTRASH September 30, 2014 * Republic of Nicaragua H.E. Mr. Alvaro Jose ROBELO GONZALEZ June 18, 2015 * Islamic Republic of Mauritania H.E. Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud BRAHIM KHLIL January 21, 2016 Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta H.E. Mr. Wenceslas DE LOBKOWICZ February 16, 2016 Russian Federation H.E. Mr. Alexander Vladimirovich ZMEYEVSKIY March 22, 2016 * Antigua and Barbuda H.E. Mr. Arthur George BELPHESTER THOMAS June 21, 2016 * Republic of The Gambia H.E. Mrs. Teneng Mba JAITEH August 23, 2016 Republic of Yemen H.E. Mr. Omer Hussein Thabet SABA´A January 11, 2017 Ukraine H.E. Mr. Yevhen PEREBYINIS March 15, 2017 * Republic of Uganda H.E. Mr. Marcel Robert TIBALEKA June 20, 2017 United Mexican States H.E. Mrs. Rosaura Leonora RUEDA GUTIERREZ August 8, 2017 Hungary H.E. Mr. Miklós BOROS August 8, 2017 4 Republic of Cyprus H.E. Mr. Antonios THEOCHAROUS September 26, 2017 Republic of Lebanon H.E. Mrs. Rola HAMDAN December 6, 2017 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland H.E. Mr. Nicholas Stewart ARCHER March 13, 2018 * Burkina Faso H.E. Mr. Dieudonné KERE May 2, 2018 Argentine Republic H.E. Mr. Roberto Alejandro SALAFIA July 18, 2018 Kingdom of Morocco H.E. Mrs. Hanane SAADI July 18, 2018 Republic of the Philippines H.E. Mr. Ombra JAINAL August 22, 2018 * Republic of El Salvador H.E. Mrs. Florencia Eugenia VILANOVA DE VON OEHSEN August 22, 2018 Kingdom of Norway H.E. Mr. Robert KVILE September 13, 2018 Republic of Finland H.E. Mr. Jukka Uolevi PESOLA September 13, 2018 State of Kuwait H.E. Mr. Rashed Faleh ALHAJRI November 14, 2018 Spain H.E. Mr. Angel LOSSADA TORRES QUEVEDO Republic of Albania H.E. Mr. Ilirian KUKA December 6, 2018 Republic of Latvia H.E. Mrs. Gunta PASTORE December 6, 2018 Georgia H.E. Mrs. Mariam RAKVIASHVILI December 6, 2018 Arab Republic of Egypt H.E. Mr. Said HINDAM January 23, 2019 Republic of Armenia H.E. Mr. Ashot HOVAKIMIAN February 21, 2019 Republic of Croatia H.E. Mrs. Ljiljana PANCIROV February 21, 2019 * Republic of Uzbekistan H.E. Mr. Nabijon KASIMOV February 21, 2019 * Republic of Iceland H.E. Mr. Thórir IBSEN November 14, 2018 February 21, 2019 Republic of Bulgaria H.E. Mr. Jordan Parvanov PARVANOV March 28, 2019 Republic of Cuba H.E. Mr. Danilo Francisco ALONSO MEDEROS May 7, 2019 * United Republic of Tanzania H.E. Mr. Abdallah Saleh POSSI May 7, 2019 * Kingdom of Bahrain H.E. Mr. Abdulla Abdullatif Al Sheikh ABDULLA May 7, 2019 Republic of Indonesia H.E. Mrs. Kenssy Dwi EKANINGSIH June 19, 2019 * Republic of Rwanda H.E. Mr. Igor Cesar June 19, 2019 * Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan H.E. Mrs. Leena Nayef Shaher AL-HADID June 19, 2019 * Republic of Colombia H.E. Mr. Miguel Camilo RUIZ BLANCO September 19, 2019 Kingdom of Belgium H.E. Mr. Grégoire Nicolas A. CUVELIER Republic of Slovenia H.E. Mrs. Tanja STRNIŠA September 19, 2019 November 21, 2019 Ireland H.E. Mrs. Cliona MANAHAN November 21, 2019 Canada H.E. Mrs. Ayesha Patricia REKHI November 21, 2019 Islamic Republic of Pakistan H.E. Mr. Muhammad Khalid JAMALI November 21, 2019 Islamic Republic of Afghanistan H.E. Mr. Shahzad Gul ARYOBEE December 11, 2019 Republic of Chile H.E. Mr. Patricio UTRERAS December 11, 2019 Rebpulic of Turkey H.E. Mr. Egemen BAGIS December 11, 2019 * Commonwealth of Australia H.E. Mr. Lloyd David HARGREAVE BRODRICK December 11, 2019 Republic of Korea H.E. Mr. Taejin KIM January 30, 202

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