Annex III Biographical data form of candidates to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women Name (family name, first name): NADARAIA Lia Nationality: Georgian Date and place of birth: 31 May 1957, Tbilisi, Georgia Working Languages: English, Russian, Georgian Current positions/Functions: Member of CEDAW Committee - since 2015 Member of Task Force on Women’s Political Representation - since 2015 Member of Gender Network of Eastern Partnership - since 2016 Director of the International Women’s Political Resource Centre - since 2003 President of the Caucasian Feminist Institute - since 1998 Main professional activities: - - Dr Lia Nadaraia is an international gender expert with over 35 years of significant experience in promoting Women's Human Rights and Gender Equality. Since Independence of Georgia, she conducts advocacy on gender-sensitive national policies and legislation: as a member of the Gender Equality Advisory Council under the Speaker of Georgian Parliament (2004 -2012) worked on principal Gender Equality legislation; promoted women’s participation in decision-making and politics; advocated for the adoption of Gender Quota in Georgia (1997-2020). She has extensive international experience in collaborating with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. She has been the President of the Caucasian Feminist Institute in Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC since 2005. She lectures on women's human rights and gender issues in different educational institutions worldwide. Writes, edits, research and publications. Educational Background - Diplomacy and State Security, Diploma, Georgian Institute of Public Administration (2005) Reporting to CEDAW, Certificate, IWARAW Asia Pacific and Columbia University / School of International and Public Affairs, USA (1998) General Psychology / Sociology, Doctoral Degree in General Psychology, Georgian Institute of Psychology (1994 - 1997) M. A. in Psychology, Diploma with Excellency, Tbilisi State University, Georgia (197319780 Primary and Secondary Education, Tbilisi, Geneva, Kano (1964-1973) Other main activities in the field relevant to the mandate of the Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women: - Member of the pioneer team bringing CEDAW guidelines to Georgian society - presents first alternative ("shadow") report to the CEDAW Committee (1999); conducts awarenessraising programs on CEDAW for lawyers and other actors in Georgia (1998 -2015); conducts - - - - capacity building of the State Parties on the implementation of the CEDAW Convention (2015 - present). Cooperates with the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) Sessions (1999 - present), focusing on women's empowerment. Promotes women's representation in international fora and has contributed to the report of the Human Rights Council Advisory Committee on current levels of representation of women in human rights organs and mechanisms, which was composed in close cooperation with the Working Group on Discrimination Against Women and Girls and the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (2020 - 2021). Works on improving coordination between international and regional mechanisms on WHR on a regional and global level - she is a member of the Gender Network Eastern Partnership (2016 - present) and a member of the platform of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, its Causes and Consequences (SRVAW) and the platform of independent United Nations and regional expert mechanisms on violence against women and women's rights (2019 - present). Directly contributed to the Treaty Body Strengthening process as Follow-up Rapporteur of the CEDAW Committee. She participated in optimizing and systematizing Follow-up efforts across Treaty Bodies, aligned with the 2020 harmonization goal of the UN (2017 2020). She is a spokesperson on women's issues to international and national media (1990 present); she actively works with TB Media Section to promote the visibility of the CEDAW Convention and its work (2015 - present). List of most recent publications in the field of discrimination against women and advancement of their human rights: - Promotion of women's and feminist initiatives for ratification the Istanbul Convention and counteraction anti-gender initiatives in the EaP Region. Report. Lvov. 2020. State policies regarding prevention, protection and prosecution of the gender-based violence and do

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