A complete set of cultivation techniques of Cucumber in Greenhouse Cucumber has always been a popular vegetable variety in the market, and it is planted widely. The planting methods mainly include facilities and open land.As the mature period of greenhouse culture is controllable, the yield is doubled, and the economic benefit is high, it has become the main cultivation mode in all regions. I. growth habit of Cucumber Cucumber is a kind of crop that likes warm, weak light, moisture resistance and single result. It likes fertilizer and water, grows fast and produces many results. But its root system is mainly distributed in the shallow ploughing layer of 15-25cm, and the transpiration of leaf water is large, the stem of plant is thin, the ability of fertilizer and water resistance is weak, and the absorptivity is poor.(I) growth period of Cucumber 1. germination period:It took 5-10 days from seed germination to the appearance of the first leaf.In this stage, the growth is small and the speed is slow, so high temperature and humidity and sufficient light are needed. 2. seedling stage:From the appearance of cotyledon to the time before planting, the plant had 4-5 leaves, which lasted 30-45 days.At this stage, flower bud differentiation began, but the growth center was still the root, stem, leaf and other vegetative organs. 3, vining period:From seedling planting to the first melon sitting.At the end of the period, the stem height was about 30-40 cm, and 7-8 true leaves were spread out for 10-20 days.It was mainly vegetative growth and gradually transformed into reproductive growth. 4. result period:From root melon sitting to seedling pulling.The fruiting period of open field cucumber is about 40 days, and that of greenhouse cucumber is about 120-150 days.At this stage, the growth rate of plant slows down, and the development of fruit and flower bud is the center. (II) requirements of cucumber on Cultivation Environment 1Temperature:Cucumbers like warmth, not cold.The suitable temperature is 10-32 ℃.Generally, 25-32 ℃ in the daytime and 1518 ℃ in the nighttime are the best, the most suitable ground temperature is 20-25 ℃ and the lowest is about 15 ℃.The most suitable temperature difference between day and night is 10-15 ℃.The photosynthesis of cucumber was not good at 35 ℃, the high temperature obstacle appeared at 45 ℃, and it froze to death at - 20 ℃. If the seedlings were cultured at low temperature, they could bear the low temperature of 3 ℃. 2And illumination:South China type is sensitive to short sunshine, while North China type is not strict with the length of sunshine. It has become a sunshine neutral plant, with a light saturation point of 55000 lux and a light compensation point of 1500 lux. Most varieties grow well under 8-11 hours of short sunshine. 3Moisture:Cucumber yield is high, water demand is large, suitable soil humidity is 60-90%.In seedling stage, soil moisture should not be too much, 60-70% soil moisture, and 80-90% soil moisture must be supplied in fruiting stage.The suitable air relative humidity of cucumber is 60-90%. If the air relative humidity is too high, it is easy to cause disease and reduce production. 4Soil:Cucumber likes to be wet but not tolerant to waterlogging, likes to be fat but not tolerant to fertilizer.Generally, the soil with ph5.5-7.2 is preferred, but the pH value of 6.5 is the best. II. Key points of cucumber cultivation technology in Greenhouse (I) preparation before broadcasting 1. select a good breed:According to the local environmental conditions, the varieties with low temperature tolerance in the early stage and high temperature tolerance in the later stage, strong disease resistance, strong growth potential and high yield are selected. 2. preparation of seedbed:The nutrient soil in the seedbed was selected from 6 rural soils without melon crops, 3 organic fertilizers were fully decomposed and screened, and 1 biological bacterial fertilizer was mixed and screened.The screened nutrient soil can be mixed with some chemicals to prevent and control the seedling sudden fall and bacterial wilt. 3, seed soaking, germination promotion:Sun seed 1-3 days before sowing, and then scald the seed with 55-60 ℃ warm water for 5-10 minutes, and continuously stir until the water temperature drops to 30-35 ℃, repeatedly scrub the seed, wash the mucus with water, and soak for 3-4 hours.It can also be soaked for 1 hour with 1000 times of Carbendazim and tolbutine, washed with clear

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