Traffic Safety Experience Sharing Driving safely and getting in and out safely is one of the things most car owners want to do. For this reason, they even buy cars with high safety at the expense of money.However, automobile safety is not only confined to safety configuration and body, but also runs through some details and has to be checked. 1.Whether it's airbags, air curtains, or knee airbags, they can only play a positive protective role if they are fastened. If they are not fastened, I'm sorry, they can only play a negative role in increasing injury.The reason is very simple. When colliding, the balloon pops up quickly and violently. 2.Generally speaking, the safest position in the car is behind the driver, and the most dangerous position is the copilot seat. In case of emergency, the passenger in the copilot seat should first hold his head on the seat, or clench his hands and wrists to protect his forehead, while bending and lifting his knees to protect his abdomen and chest. 3.Don't believe in movies. Don't try to jump before the car stops, even if the speed seems so slow, unless there's a cliff ahead and you're sure you can't stop. 4.Once started, most vehicles will automatically unlock, but not all vehicles will automatically unlock after an accident.In traffic accidents, there are not a few people who delay the rescue time because the door is locked. 5.It is really troublesome for children to sit in the safe chair for children. They should also be allowed to sit in the back row accompanied by adults. 6.If conditions permit, learn some first aid knowledge.Studies have shown that there is a close relationship between the first aid time and survival rate of traffic accident injuries: within 30 minutes of first aid, the survival rate is as high as 80%, 60 minutes to 40%, 90 minutes to only 10%.Sometimes a tourniquet can save a life. 7.The result of collision is only a reference, even if it is as high as five stars, we can not take it lightly. Under high-speed collision, any safety equipment is useless. 8.After a collision, get out of the car immediately --- believe the movie --- the engine may explode instantaneously or ignite spontaneously. 9.The perfume bottles, coins, mascots on the front dashboard, umbrellas, books and other sundries on the rear windows seem to be insignificant, but they will become bullets and hit the heads of passengers in high-speed collisions.These debris should be collected in the debris box or put in the tail box. 10.When you see a traffic accident on the road, no matter how big or small it is, don't stay and watch it, let alone join in the excitement. Walk along the traffic flow and stay away as soon as possible. 11.If the accident can not be avoided, do not shout before the crash, you should close your lips and clench your teeth, so as not to bite your tongue when the collision occurs. 12.Don't underestimate sitting posture.Many people like to drive half-lying down because it's so comfortable and elegant; it's not surprising that sitting in such a position not only reduces vision, but also puts the knee in danger, and collisions can hit the abdomen through the knee. 13.Driving should bear in mind that the heart of the injured is indispensable, and the heart of guarding against others is indispensable.Sometimes, it's not that you want to bump into others, but that others want to bump into you. Once you find that the momentum is not right, you should drive to avoid accidents instead of stopping in place. 14.If the cervical spine is injured by a sudden brake or a sharp turn, don't try to bring the crooked neck right over. You should rush to the hospital for medical treatment.Traffic safety experience sharing content comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please inform us to delete it.

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