Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP) Fall Partner Meeting Notes November 4, 2021 | 9:30am-12:00pm | Zoom Present for APIPP  Adellia Baker, Seasonal Invasive Species Steward  Becca” Bernacki, Terrestrial Invasive Species Coordinator  Brian Greene, Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator  Emily-Bell Dinan, Education and Outreach Coordinator  Tammara Van Ryn, Program Manager  Zack Simek, Conservation and GIS Analyst Speakers  Karen Strong, Strong Outcomes  Eric Paul and Michale Glennon, Adirondack Watershed Institute (AWI)  Sawyer Gardner, USDA APHIS Attendees                  Becky Miller, NYS Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Ben Brosseau, Adirondack Mountain Club Blake Neumann, Adirondack Council Brea Arvidson, Lake George Association Brendan Wiltse, AWI Caitlin Stewart, Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District Cathy McGlynn, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Carri Brown-Lima, NYS Invasive Species Research Institute Carrie Pershyn, Ausable River Association Christine Colley, NYSDOT Dave Wick, Lake George Park Commission Derek Rogers, Adirondack Land Trust Donna Baribeau, Master Gardener Volunteer and Adirondack Garden Club Emily Tyner, Lake Clear Association Erin Vennie-Vollrath, NYSDEC Everett McNeill, East Shore Schroon Lake Association Ezra Schwartzberg, Adirondack Research                      Guy Middleton, Upper Saranac Foundation Gwendolyn Craig, Adirondack Explorer Jack Mulcahy, Eagle Lake Property Owners Jackie Bowen, Adirondack Council Justin Luyk, Lake George Park Commission John Marino, iMapInvasives/NY Natural Heritage Program (NYNHP) Kathy Regan, Adirondack Park Agency Kristen Wilde, Lake George Association Mary Johnson, Chateaugay Lake Foundation Meg Modley, Lake Champlain Basin Program Peter Dunleavy, NYSDOT Phil Fitzpatrick, Osgood Pond Association Robert Slocum, NYSDEC Ryan Nerp, Adirondack Council Steve Young, NYNHP Susan Smith, Volunteer Thom Allgaier, NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets Tom Parent, Lakeview Landing William Thayer, Volunteer Zach Matson, Adirondack Explorer Zoe Smith, AWI APIPP Fall 2021 Partner Meeting Notes – Page 1 There were over 50 individuals logged on to the Zoom call. Participants who called in or who were not identified on the Zoom log may not be included in the list above. Meeting Notes For a complete record of the meeting, please refer to the recordings that are posted on APIPP’s website.  APIPP Presentation  AWI Presentation  USDA APHIS Presentation Welcome and Introductions  Tammara Van Ryn welcomed participants with a reading from Over the Mountain and Home Again by Edward Kantz. She then reviewed the agenda for the meeting.  Tammara provided an overview of APIPP’s summer season and outreach and education efforts. She thanked partners for helping with the distribution of the new outreach materials and recognized Emily-Bell Dinan for creating such compelling designs. She also highlighted the creation of new boot brush stations. Tammara provided a summary of APIPP’s 11 summer and fall education events, which included 541 attendees and involved 12 partner organizations APIPP Summer Field Results Program  Becca Bernacki provided an overview of APIPP’s terrestrial invasive species field season results. She shared highlights of the work performed by the terrestrial early detection and rapid response (EDRR) team, invasive species management stewards, program staff and others. o Becca provided an overview of the Knotweed Management Partnership that works to control invasive knotweed on private properties. Over 115 sites were treated in 2021. o Becca highlighted the following species of interest.  Japanese Stiltgrass. The first infestation of this species in the Adirondack PRISM was detected this September. It was promptly treated by APIPP’s EDRR team.  Japanese Tree Lilac. This is a commonly planted ornamental tree that is capable of escaping cultivation. Five naturalized infestations were mapped this season.  Tree-of-Heaven. This species is not widely distributed in the APIPP PRISM and is a target for eradication. It is a preferred host for the invasive spotted lanternfly. Seven sites were treated in 2021. APIPP Fall 2021 Partner Meeting Notes – Page 2      Giant Hogweed. APIPP inspected all 16 historic sites in the Adirondack PRISM. Six sites had plants present this season and were treated. Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). APIPP deployed five EAB traps, and o

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