Arts and Culture Recovery Oversight Group Meeting 27th May 2021 @ REMOTE LOCATIONS Minutes List of attendees by video conference: Conor Falvey, Assistant Secretary, Chair Niamh O’Doherty, Secretariat to the Group Sharon Barry, Principal Officer, Cultural Supports Unit David Hegarty, Assistant Secretary, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment Gerry Kenny, Principal Officer, Department of Finance Brian O’Malley, Assistant Secretary, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform Maureen Kennelly, Director, The Arts Council Désirée Finnegan, Director, Screen Ireland Pat Dowling, Chief Executive, Clare County Council, CCMA Representative Apologies Rónán Hession, Assistant Secretary, Department of Social Protection Agenda 1. Introductions 2. Terms of Reference 3. Implementation update on the ‘Life Worth Living’ recommendations 4. Meeting schedule 5. AOB 1. Introductions - The Chair welcomed the representatives to the meeting and thanked the group for their ongoing engagement in relation to supports for the arts and culture sector. 2. Terms of Reference – the Terms of Reference for the group were agreed. 3. Approach to the work of the Group –A project plan would be produced over the next few weeks. A separate working group would be established to address recommendation 1 – the Basic Income for Artist. The group will produce an action plan by end July 2021 for the Minister to progress implementation of the recommendations. 4. Meeting schedule - the group agreed to meet every two weeks. 5. AOB - In relation to recommendation 1 - The ESRI are starting research on international pilots of the Universal Basic Income. It should be complete by the end of the year. ….. 2

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