Report to SACRE 10 February 2022 Absence for Religious Observance from School Festival Calendar 2022 Author: Bashir Khan 1. Background Information 1.1 In response to a local need which was raised with SACRE a few years ago, SACRE has issued a Absence for Religious Observance from School Festival Calendar 2022 annually. 1.2 The calendar has used information provided by the Shap Working Party and has some local modifications to reflect our requirements and has been produced for the calendar year. 2. 2022 Calendar 2.1 The 2022 calendar is attached to this report as Appendix 1 and has been updated using information from the SHAP Working Party 2022 calendar. 2.2 The calendar needs to have the required modifications in order to meet local need and SACRE members are asked to identify any amendments requirement for this to enable the calendar to be published as soon as practicably possible. 2.3 It is also proposed that the Sheffield calendar moves to an Academic Year from 2022-23 and that this is explored ahead of the next SACRE meeting and an update given. 3. Recommendations 3.1 Agree the calendar at Appendix 1, subject to local modifications. SACRE members identify the required modifications in order to meet local need and the finalised calendar is published as soon as possible. 3.2 To agree the proposed approach of switching the calendar to an Academic Year from 2022-23 and an update is given at the next meeting. Appendix 1 Key Religious Days Calendar 2022 Our Festivals Calendar uses information provided by the Shap Working Party and has some local modifications to reflect our requirements. The calendar is for 2022 as a calendar year. Find more information at:    January Date Event Religion/Worldview 1 NEW YEAR’S DAY / HOGMANAY National 1 NAMING OF JESUS Christian 1 GANJITSU Japanese 1 YUANDANJIE Chinese 5 BIRTHDAY OF GURU GOBIND SINGH Sikh 6 EPIPHANY Christian 6 THEOPHANY / BAPTISM OF CHRIST Christian (Orthodox) 6 CHRISTMAS EVE & DAY Christian (Orthodox) 6 ETHIOPIAN CHRISTMAS DAY Rastafarian 9 BAPTISM OF THE LORD Christian 9 BAPTISM OF THE LORD Christian (Roman Catholic) 12 BIRTHDAY OF SWAMI VIVEKANANDA Hindu 13 MAKAR SANKRANTI Hindu 16 SHINRAN MEMORIAL DAY Buddhist 16 WORLD RELIGION DAY Baha’i 17 TU B’SHEVAT Jewish 18 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (18th – 25th January) 20 LABAJIE (LABA FESTIVAL) Chinese 25 HONEN MEMORIAL DAY Buddhist 27 HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY National 30 JASHN-E-SADEH Zoroastrian Date Event Religion/Worldview 1 IMBOLC/CANDLEMAS Pagan 1 YUAN TUAN (Chinese New Year) [Tiger] Chinese 2 PRESENTATION OF CHRIST IN THE TEMPLE Christian 3 SETSUBUN / BEAN SCATTERING Japanese 4 SARASVATI PUJA (to 5th) Hindu 14 SAINT VALENTINE National 14 PARINIRVANA Buddhist 15 NIRVANA DAY Jain 15 LANTERN FESTIVAL/ CHUNJIE Chinese 15 PARINIRVANA Buddhist 16 MAGHA PUJA (to 18th) Buddhist Date Event Religion/Worldview 1 SHROVE TUESDAY Christian 1 MAHASHIVRATRI Hindu 1 THE PROPHET’S NIGHT JOURNEY / LAILAT UL ISRA WA- Muslim L-MIRAJ 1 ST DAVID’S DAY Christian/ National 2 ASH WEDNESDAY [[lent begins to 15th Apl] Christian 3 LOSAR Buddhist 3 HINAMATSURI / DOLLS FESTIVAL Japanese February March 4 THE WOMEN’S WORLD DAY OF PRAYER Christian 7 THE FIRST DAY OF LENT THE GREAT FAST CO = Christian (Orthodox) 11 FRAVARDIGAN to 20th Zoroastrian 14 NEW YEAR’S DAY Sikh 17 ST PATRICK Christian/ National 17 PURIM Jewish 17 HOLI ( to 18th) Hindu 18 HIGAN (to 24th) Japanese 18 HOLA MOHALLA (to 20th) Sikh 19 NIGHT OF FORGIVENESS Muslim 20 SPRING EQUINOX [OSTARA] Pagan 20 VERNAL EQUINOX [ALBAN EILER] Druid 21 NAW-RUZ Baha’i 21 ST JOSEPH’S DAY Christian 21 SHŪNBUN NO HI Japanese 21 JAMSHEEDI NORUZ Zoroastrian 23 AVA MAH PARAB Zoroastrian 25 THE ANNUNCIATION Christian 25 THE ANNUNCIATION Christian (Roman Catholic) 25 LADY DAY Christian 26 KHORDAD SAL Zoroastrian 27 MOTHERING SUNDAY Christian Date Event Religion/Worldview 2 RAMADAN Begins (to 1st May) Muslim 3 PASSION SUNDAY Christians 5 QINGMINGJIE / TOMB SWEEPING DAY Chinese 8 HANAMATSURI Buddhist 8 HANAMATSURI Japanese 10 PALM SUNDAY Christian April 10 RAMA NAVAMI Hindu 13 SONGKRAN (to 15th) Buddhist 13 VAISAKHI/BAISAKHI Sikh 14 MAUNDY THURSDAY Chinese 14 MAHAVIR JAYANTI J

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