Safety Education and Training System for Kindergarten Teachers Safety is the most important task in kindergarten work. In order to improve teachers'safety awareness and increase their first aid knowledge, teachers can use some simple first aid knowledge in kindergarten emergencies to reduce the degree of injury to children.In order to enhance the safety awareness of teachers, train the emergency escape ability of teachers in emergencies, fully understand the importance and necessity of strengthening safety education, enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility, and strengthen the safety education for children are the important contents and links of safety management in our kindergarten.In recent years, drowning deaths, traffic safety accidents and so on are mostly caused by children's weak safety awareness, lack of safety common sense, and inappropriate self-rescue measures.Therefore, it is necessary for all classes to carry out safety education, guide children to firmly establish safety awareness, master basic and necessary knowledge of safety and self-help, and deal wittily with all kinds of abnormal situations or dangers encountered, so as to fundamentally prevent and reduce the occurrence of children's accidental injuries.Our kindergarten should fully recognize the importance and necessity of safety education. Firstly, teachers should take a highly responsible attitude towards children's safety and healthy growth, enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency, carry out in-depth work of safety knowledge into schools, classrooms and children's minds, further enhance children's safety awareness, improve children's selfprotection ability, and enable children to master risk aversion, escape and self-reliance.Rescue methods.Modern kindergartens should not only have a brand-new idea of running a kindergarten, perfect and flexible management mechanism, but also have consistent management principles, that is, everything for children.The safety of kindergartens is no trivial matter, and the responsibility for safety is as heavy as a mountain. Only by strengthening the safety management of children's daily life, can we prevent accidents in the future and ensure the healthy growth of children.At least once a week, the inspection time should be thoroughly checked. The kindergarten leaders should make regular monthly inspections by special persons. They should make a list of inspection items and submit the results to the relevant kindergarten leaders.The inspection contents of game equipment at least include: inspection date, inspection items, inspection times, inspection points, whether the inspection results conform to safety regulations, whether the record results are up to the standard, and the person responsible for the inspection, so as to be as meticulous as possible.In addition, all kinds of game equipment in kindergartens must be posted with striking rules and methods of use.If potential safety hazards are found in game equipment or venues, stop using them immediately and deal with them in time.(1) Use methods and guidance of game equipment; (2) announce game methods in appropriate locations; (3) light is bright, ventilated, no visual dead corner; (4) when game equipment is supported by a toon, attention should be paid to its buried depth, that is, not to highlight the ground; (5) when using game equipment, attention should be paid to making warning signs in the space needed for swinging; (6) game equipment.Material settings should be calculated to leave a safe space; (7) Paving the floor in the game venue should be smooth and have soft protective objects to avoid the impact of sharp and hard objects on safety; (8) When game equipment or venues are not used, immediately add obvious signs.(1) Learn the laws and regulations of food hygiene work, strengthen the awareness of food hygiene and safety, so as to prevent dangers in the future; (2) inculcate common knowledge of food hygiene to children in daily education and teaching work, and cultivate good hygiene habits of children; (3) establish and improve rules and regulations on food hygiene, from food processing to children's meals, and so on.(4) Children's canteens have hygienic licenses and employees have health certificates; (5) Food purchasing should be strictly controlled; (6) Food storage and tableware disinfection tools should be complete, tableware should be disinfected, food processing tools should be

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