All communications from the association will come from one of the following sources:    Website - o Lots of resources available on our website please make yourself familiar with the site Facebook – West Hants Minor Hockey Association Teamsnap – Receive emails from the app Team Tasks Requirements – Coach and Manager can discuss how to split duties; some teams may enlist two managers     Fill Team Positions (Coach / Manager): o Head Coach o Assistant Coaches o Manager o Safety Person o Fundraising Coordinator o Treasurer Prepare Team Budget (Coach / Manager / Treasurer) o Rep Fee o Tournaments o Extra Buy Ice / Dryland o Timekeeper (try to get parents to volunteer to save on budget) o Additional coaching (goalies, power skate, etc) o Misc (Bank Fees, etc ) o Coach insurance (5 are covered (4 coaches and 1 manager), each additional is 65$)  U7, all coaches are covered. Conduct Parent Meeting (Coach / Manager) **Should be done ASAP (eg. First practice) o Introduce Team Staff o Advise if you’re still looking to fill team staff positions o Player Expectations and conflict resolution steps o How early to show up for Practice o How early to show up for Games o Dress Code o Dressing Room rules (eg. 2 Deep – 2 qualified adults in dressing room at all times; if female players on team, music, etc) o No bullying (Respect in Sport) o 24 Hr Rule for any issues o Discuss team budget and Fundraising Requirements Set up HCR 3.0 Account (Manager) o Add team coaches to your account to see each coaches’ qualifications o Compare to required qualifications (Hockey Nova Scotia) o Advise coaches if they require any additional training / courses          Set Up Team Bank Account (Treasurer) o Will need two additional co-signers (usually the manager and another team member) Collect Medical Forms for all players and coaches (Manager or Safety Person) Fundraising (Coordinator / Team Effort) o All fundraising ideas have to be submitted to Association Fundraising Chair ( prior to initiating fundraising using the Fundraising Permission Form o Ensure lottery license for any ticket draws o Most teams collect a parent contribution (50, 100, 200, depending on budget requirements) to have money at the beginning of the season, this fee can be returned to the parents if sufficient money is raised Pick up equipment from Equipment Chair (Rob Davies) (Coach or Manager) o Jerseys (ensure to track jerseys using Equipment Tracking Form and provide Jersey Care Instructions to Player / Parent) o Pucks o Game Sheets o First Aid Kit Ensure team schedule is always up-to-date in Teamsnap (Coach or Manager) o Rinks use Teamsnap schedule to set up their dressing room boards in the lobby Ensure to advise Ice Chair (Rob Hood) if you cannot use a specific home ice time o Ice Chair Notes are included within package Games (Coach or Manager): o Home Game Book Refs by contacting Dan Macleod (text 902-798-129). Ensure to book as early in week as possible (Monday)  Provide Team, Date, Time and Rink o Home and Away Non-League Games (includes all U9 Games)  Obtain Travel Permit, will be part of HCR 3.0, but currently require to email Leo Stacey and provide details for example  West Hants U11 AA @ Western Valley U11 AA 11:30 AM, November 6th, 2021 Credit Union Center (Kingston Arena) o Home and Away League Games – Ensure you use League Travel Permit Number o Scoresheet for home game to be filled out in advance (U9 does not require score sheets)  Double check details after game before submitting o Ensure you have Time Keeper (could be parents volunteering) o League Websites for Teams and League Rules  Recreation (C) level – Annapolis Valley Hockey League  Competitive Teams – Scotia Minor Hockey League o Suspensions – will be sent by our VP withing 48 hours of the game – however it’s the coaches responsibility to not play any player that was provided a major or match penalty – if any questions please reach out to Insurance for extra team events (team builds) o Example of form to be filled included within package Tournament Registrations (Coach or Manager)  End of year o Collect and return Jerseys (Coach or Manager) Contacts – Photos Craig MacDonald ( Hockey Nova Scotia Rep – Leo Stacey ( **All other Executive contacts in West Hants Association located on website**

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