Safety Education and Training Content I Safety is no trivial matter. Grasping safety work is the basis of maintaining normal order of schools and improving the quality of education.In view of the characteristics of pupils and the existing problems in safety education, the following points are excerpted for attention in safety education in our school. Teachers are expected to conscientiously implement them in the process of education activities.1. Discipline: 1. Educate students to master the time of school and come to school early in the morning and noon.2. Don't stay on the road after school or school. Get to school or go home in time.3. After school in the afternoon, educate students to clean conscientiously and leave school on time. 2. Assemblies: (including broadcasting exercises entering and exiting) 1. Walk up and down stairs by the side (between classes, usually up and down stairs by the right), quiet and fast, do not run, do not push and pull.2. When the team needs to be sorted out in case of accidents such as shoe stripping and shoelace scattering, the students should be educated to come out and return to the team after sorting out.3. Assemblies and assemblies should be led by head teachers and counselors. On-duty leaders and teachers should maintain order and prevent crowding at stairways and corridors.3. Inter-class activities: 1. Do not jump stairs, do not jump from high places, do not climb railings, do not slide handrails, do not do dangerous activities.2. Don't run up and down stairs. Develop sports activities and games between classes should go to open venues (infield or stadium).Students should carry out indoor activities appropriately, without playing games with scissors, pens, sticks, triangular rulers and other hard objects.3. To go to the toilet, we should avoid the rush hour, and the older students should take care of the younger ones.4. Be careful of slippery roads in rainy days, and don't push between classmates.4. Sports activities: 1. Do not carry out dangerous activities, and do preparatory activities before vigorous activities.2. When it is impossible to carry out physical activities outdoors due to rain, all theoretical classes are given in the classroom.3. If injury occurs in sports, we should escort the doctor as soon as possible and report to the school leaders.Fifth, hygiene: 1. Do not eat unclean food (such as fried goods on the unlicensed stall), do not drink raw water, advocate bringing boiled water.2. When cleaning, do not climb or wipe the dangerous glass windows without guardrails.6. Electricity safety: 1. Teach students the knowledge of preventing electric shock.2. Nonwet hand switch electrical appliances, dial socket.3. Report to the head teacher or department teacher in time if any electrical damage is found.7. Extracurricular activities: 1. Teachers should observe the route before the activities and carefully organize and implement the duties of leading teachers.2. Develop students'habit of obeying command and observing discipline.8. Traffic safety: 1. Teach students the necessary knowledge of traffic safety.Attention should be paid to the safety of the way to and from school. Parents are advised to escort the students who are far away from school.2. Do a good job of safety education for students who go to and from school by bus, and teach them the knowledge of taking a bus and the methods of getting on and off a bus.9. Fire safety: Do not play with fire, do not set off fireworks and firecrackers in disorder, alarm the fire in time, explain why minors can not fire.10. Self-care knowledge: 1. If you meet strangers during school, you should report to the head teacher in time. If you leave school halfway, you should obtain the approval of the head teacher or the relevant teachers. You should not absent from school or leave early without authorization.2. When encountering robbery outside school, we should fight wisely and ensure personal safety first.In case of danger (such as falling into water, injuries, etc.), we should call for help from adults.Do not hide the accident and report it to parents in time.3. Do not play with dangerous toys (such as simulated bullets, leather slingshot, etc.), let alone bring dangerous toys into school.4. Attention should be paid to safety when going to school on rainy days. Umbrellas should not be used in classrooms, corridors or stairways to avoid jamming and stabbing the body (eyes, face, etc.).11. Teachers'tea

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