MASSACHUSETTS STATE SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS ACCESS for ELLs Administration (2021-2022) Part I: Protocols for Massachusetts Principals and/or Test Coordinators 1. Ordering Additional Test Materials Please conduct a complete inventory of test materials as soon as they arrive on January 4, 2022. Additional materials may be ordered from January 4 through February 25 using WIDA AMS. Schools should attempt to limit orders to one additional materials order. When ordering additional materials, be sure to also order UPS labels, DRC return shipping labels, and any District/School labels that are needed for student test materials. Student test materials without a Pre-ID label, such as additional materials ordered for students enrolled after October SIMS, will need to have a District/School label affixed. A small supply of District/School labels are included in the initial materials shipment. Please use these before ordering additional labels. If additional District/School labels are needed, please email for information. 2. Suggested Testing Times: ACCESS tests are untimed. Use the following guidance to assist in scheduling student test administrations.  The online ACCESS tests for grades 1–12 must be completed in one session for each of the following areas: o Listening (about 40 minutes) o Reading (about 35 minutes) o Writing (45 to 65 minutes) o Speaking (about 30 minutes).  The paper-based ACCESS tests for grades 1–12 are designed to be completed in one session for each of the following areas: o Listening (about 40 minutes) o Reading (about 45 minutes) (Note: Listening and Reading may be combined into one 100-minute session) o Writing (35 to 65 minutes) o Speaking (about 35 minutes).  The Kindergarten test is individually administered in paper-based format in one test session of about 45 minutes. Breaks are allowed, and if necessary, the test may be administered in two sessions: A-C (narrative) and D-F (expository), either morning and afternoon or on two separate days.  The Alternate ACCESS for ELLs test is individually administered in paper-based format in four 20-minute (estimated) test sessions, one each in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. 3. Students who transfer into and out of a school during testing: Instructions can be found on the DESE ACCESS web page. Information regarding the WIDA Student Transfer Form in WIDA AMS can be found beginning on page 71 of the WIDA AMS User Guide. 4. Student use of cell phones, smart watches, computers, or other electronic devices (other than for testing) is prohibited during the administration of the ACCESS for ELLs tests. Part II: Providing Accurate Student Information Before Testing – Online (See WIDA AMS User Guide for details) DESE 1  Information for each student who was reported as an EL in October 2021 SIMS will be preloaded in WIDA AMS for your school. Students who entered the school between the October SIMS submission and February 25, 2022, the last day for testing new students, will need to be manually entered into WIDA AMS. To add individual students, click on Student Management>Manage Students, select Add Student and complete the information in the Student Detail tab. The Demographics tab is not required. Select which accommodations the student will need, if any, in the Accommodations tab. The student must then be placed in a test session, which will allow a test ticket to be printed for the student. Instructions can be found on pages 63 and 88 of the WIDA AMS User Guide. If a student was exited from EL status after October SIMS and before the testing window opens on January 6, 2022, remove the student from test sessions in WIDA AMS and code them as non-EL in the March SIMS.  To add multiple students, download the pre-populated school or district File Layout at: Security Portal>Applications List>Drop Box Central>ACCESS Data 2022. Data fields AK and M must be completed. Fields AFAR and AU should be completed for students who require accommodations. All other fields can be left blank. Then, in WIDA AMS, go to Student Management>Manage Students>Upload Multiple Students. Instructions may be found on pages 6465 of the WIDA AMS User Guide.  If a student with a disability received one or more of the following accommodations in 2021, the same accommodations will be included in the test pre-ordered for the student by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) for 2022. These accommodations must be entered in WIDA AMS before testi

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