Ayako Acevedo, Art and Art History Ebony Acosta, Digital Music Production Jacqueline Alatorre, 3D Modeling and Animation Ariana Alfaro, Film, TV, and Electronic Media Daniel Analco, Art Kimberly Barroso, Performance Emphasis Mariam Bottros, Art History Carlos Bustamante, Film, TV, and Electronic Media Emily Cabrera, Art Evelyn Camargo, Art History Lilybeth Cardenas, 3D Modeling and Animation Giovanni Castaneda, Communication Studies Diana Castro, Dance Angie Ceja, Communications & Media Studies Roberto Cerda Maravilla, Digital Media Arts, Art-Graphic Design, and Digital Media Arts – UX Design Isaac Cisneros, Technical Theatre Emphasis Ashley Contreras, Art Jon Corry, Digital Media Arts Nicholas Cortez, Digital Media Arts Jenan Daley, Technical Theatre Emphasis and Theatre Arts Monica Diaz, Film, TV, and Electronic Media Ngoc Do, Art-Graphic Design Analiza Duong, Theatre Arts Brianna Duran, Digital Media Arts Sebastian Escalante, Theatre Arts Alyssa Fernandez, Art Santino Garcia, Film, TV, and Electronic Media Victoriano Garcia Garay, Communication Studies Emmanuel Gasca, Theatre Arts Angie Gomez Mendoza, Studio Arts Caitlin Greenfield, Digital Media Arts and Art-Graphic Design Rosalina Heras, Photography Karla Hernandez, Communication Studies Kimberly Hernandez, Digital Media Arts Thinh Ho, Digital Media Arts Jasmine Hoang, Art Heidi Huynh, Studio Arts Huong Thien Huynh, Art Alejandro Izquierdo, Art Jackson Jones, Digital Media Arts Hilda Juarez, Digital Media Arts Daivish Lakhani, Film, TV, and Electronic Media Melody Larios, Art Shiyu Li, 3D Modeling and Animation Andres Lopez, Technical Theatre Emphasis Nicholaus Lopez, Communications & Media Studies and Communication Studies Rachel Lopez, Journalism James Luna, Communication Studies Mark Luna, Music David Ly, Art Katherine Marr, 3D Modeling and Animation Maria Martinez, 3D Modeling and Animation Kristen Mendez, 3D Modeling and Animation Michelle Mino, 3D Modeling and Animation and Digital Media Jonathan Molina, Art Allyson Munoz, Theatre Arts Gilberto Munoz, Communication Studies Song Huong Nguyen, Digital Media Tai Nguyen, Communications and Media Studies Tai Nguyen, Art and Studio Art Dominic Obertone, 3D Modeling and Animation Anamaria Ortiz, Communication Studies Angel Peralta Jimenez, Art History Ngoc Bao Pham, Art Trong Pham, Art Tri Phuc Phan, Photography Ramsey Pulido, Communication Studies Brandon Quan, Art Jairo Quinonez, Communication Studies Briana Ramirez, Photography Angel Reyes, 3D Modeling and Animation Alam Rodriguez, Film, TV, and Electronic Media Caroline Rodriguez, Film, TV, and Electronic Media Julie Roman, Digital Media Arts and Graphic Arts Jasmin Ruiz, Dance and Dance Program Serina Ruiz, Art History Luis Ruvalcaba, Communication Studies Andres Salazar, Film, TV, and Electronic Media Lizbeth Sanchez, 3D Modeling and Animation Edgar Sedano, Music Vincent Singharaj, 3D Modeling and Animation Desiree Specht, Art Carrie Steen, Digital media Arts Kara Steinmetz, Photography Shawnee Stevens, Art History Guadalupe Tapia, Photography Nicolas Tarin, Art Gabriana Torres, Theatre Arts Thien- Vy Tran, Communication Studies and Journalism Cindy Trang, Communication Studies Dieu Huy Truong, Studio Arts and Art My Linh Truong, Library Technology Trinh VU, Digital Media Arts Rafael Valencia, Communication & Media Studies and Journalism Gregory Vasquez, Theatre Arts Adilene Vazquez, Communication Studies and Digital Music Production Yesenia Vazquez, Music Jaylee Velasquez, Theatre Arts Anahi Ventura, Art Siobhan Vogel, Theatre Arts Matt Weiner, Broadcast Communications & Media Studies Salika Wickramasinghe, Library Technology Margaret Wu, Music Manuela Zacarias, Art Olivia Zeldin, Communications & Media Studies

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