Lu Tiantuo Jian'an Character (2015) No. 11 Emergency Rescue Plan for Safety Production Accidents 1. According to the requirements of the General Emergency Plan for Public Emergencies in Jinan, the company has established the Leading Group for Emergency Rescue of Safety Accidents as follows: Group leader: Xia Jintang Vice Group Leaders: Zhao Hua and Wu Chenghai Members: Xia Jintang, Zhaohua, Wu Chenghai, Liu Xinglu, Han Jiafu, Mahongye, Xie Baifang, Yang Erli and Jiang Yongpeng Membership division: Office: Director: Mahongye Technical prevention group: group leader: Wu Chenghai Emergency Rescue Team: Team Leader: Zhao Hua Security and Safety Team: Team Leader: Yang Erli Logistics Support Team: Team Leader: Xie Baifang Publicity and Education Group: Group Leader: Liu Xinglu 2. Emergency measures for on-site response to accidents: 1After a major safety accident occurs, the accidentoccurring unit shall immediately dial the "120" or "119" emergency telephone number, and take prompt measures to organize self-rescue, rescue the injured and materials, evacuate the personnel in the dangerous area of the accident, minimize control the casualties development and of the economic accident, losses, and immediately report to the company's emergency rescue command center for safety production accidents. Office Telephone of Command Center: 0531-88991170 2After command the company's center commander-in-chief emergency receives the accident and relevant rescue report, personnel the should immediately rush to the scene and organize the rescue work quickly. At the same time, according to the characteristics, nature and severity of the accident, they should report to the relevant departments urgently. 3After a safety accident occurs at the construction site, the project department shall immediately report to the company's rescue command center in addition to organizing rescue of the wounded and taking effective measures to prevent the accident from expanding and protect the accident site.Acute poisoning and heatstroke accidents should be reported to the local health department immediately; explosion and fire accidents of inflammable and explosive materials should be reported to the local public security fire department immediately; after employees are injured, minor injuries should be sent to the site clinic for treatment, and serious injuries and poisoning should be sent to the hospital for treatment.In case of death due to serious injury and ineffective rescue, the company shall report it to the municipal construction administrative department within 2 hours. 3. The project departments shall formulate corresponding emergency rescue plans for production safety accidents according to the project situation and report them to the company's safety department for the record construction. within one month after the start of Enclosure:Comprehensive Emergency Plan Shandong Tiantuo Construction Co., Ltd. May 30, 2015 This document Chairman, General is submitted Manager, as Deputy follows: General Manager, Chief Engineer, Chief Accountant, Send to: Departments and Project Departments of the Company Draft: General Labor Office audit: (a total of sixteen prints, one archive) Emergency Rescue Plan for Safety Production Accidents Chapter I General Provisions Article 1: In order to ensure the company's emergency rescue work for safety accidents to control the sources of danger quickly, accurately, effectively and timely, rescue the victims, guide the masses to protect and organize evacuation, minimize or eliminate the losses caused by emergencies or accidents, and ensure the safety of workers'lives and property.This emergency rescue plan is specially formulated. Article 2: This plan is applicable to the prevention and emergency treatment of potential accidents or emergencies within the company. Article 3: Branches and engineering project departments shall formulate corresponding emergency rescue implementation plan measures according to this plan, implement implementation, graded so as management to fulfill and their graded respective responsibilities, measures and responsibilities to people. Chapter II Establishment of Command Organs Article 4: In order to strengthen the organization and leadership of emergency rescue for accidents, the company decided to set up a leading group of emergency res

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