Record Store Day 2022 Record Label Code of Conduct 1. All RSD product and its release date must be notified to ERA if possible by 19 th November 2021 2. RSD product must be exclusive in nature and only available through RSD stores, as notified to you by ERA. For the avoidance of doubt product which has previously been widely available the UK or another territory is not deemed to be exclusive. 3. RSD product should be manufactured in a reasonable quantity. With 250+ participating shops, in the majority of cases we advise a minimum pressing of 500 units. However, submissions will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 4. Labels should ensure they have received approval from the RSD board (via ERA) before going into production on a RSD product. 5. RSD product must be of sufficiently appropriate quality to be considered for RSD. Proposed exclusive product must be authorised for inclusion in RSD by ERA’s nominated representatives. If they deem the product unsuitable it will not be authorised for inclusion. 6. All final product info and format details to be provided to ERA before the 21 st January 2022. 7. Any stock left over after RSD must be first offered to RSD retailers. 8. Only if RSD retailers do not order the stock can it be offered to non-RSD retailers. Stock may only be offered to non-RSD retailers 13 days after the RSD release dates i.e for the avoidance of doubt: - Remaining RSD titles released on 23rd April 2022 can be offered to non-RSD retailers on Friday 6th May for sale from Saturday 7th May 00:01. 9. No label may hold back stock for its D2C platform or deliberately manufacture additional stock for non-RSD retailers or D2C. 10. D2C platforms may be treated like non-RSD stores and offered stock only after RSD retailers and may not sell product on their own D2C platform until at least 14 days after their release date as stated above. 11. Record labels are asked to copy ERA in on any PR in relation to RSD product or artists. 12. Labels and distributors should ensure that ALL their distributors and labels (including those outside of the UK where practicable) are made aware of all of the above terms (and provided with a copy of the code) and in particular should ensure that the distributor does not sell RSD products in to any non-RSD store until 13 days after the event. 13. Labels should inform ERA as to who their distributor is. 14. The label undertakes to provide the list of participating stores to the Distributor. 15. All product must be delivered to RSD retailers latest by the Wednesday prior to RSD. 16. All product and release information, unless otherwise agreed in writing by RSD, should remain embargoed to press until the official announcement date in early March as specified by ERA. 17. The label warrants that it holds the copyright for the submitted products. In the case of live recordings, evidence of proof of copyright will be required. 18. Labels who deliberately breach this code of conduct may have their product withdrawn, be removed from future RSD events or be subject to other sanctions as determined by the RSD Board. RSD Product Criteria Product submitted for Record Store Day MUST adhere to the following criteria: 1. Any product must be an exclusive release. 2. Exclusive means on an exclusive format or exclusive content specifically for Record Store Day 3. Unless there are exceptional circumstances it should not have been made available or be made available in a similar format (e.g. different colour) for at least 12 months prior to or post RSD. 4. If labels plan to make a substantially similar release available in the UK within 12 months of RSD, they must notify the RSD co-ordinator at the point of submission clarifying why there are exceptional circumstances 5. It should not have been made available in a different territory in the same format previously. 6. RSD product should be manufactured in a reasonable quantity. Anything under 500 units may be deemed inadmissible to RSD unless there are valid grounds for inclusion. Product has to be suitable of a RSD release and should only be manufactured with the sole intention of releasing for RSD. 7. Product must only be made available to RSD stores as notified to you by ERA and may only be made available to non-RSD stores one week after RSD (subject to being made available to RSD shops first). Labels must agree to read, action and adhere to any subsequent communication regarding the Record Store Day Label Code of Conduct. I confirm acceptance to the

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